Thursday, May 1, 2008

License to Ill

I got the OK to drive yesterday. But sitting the way I need to sit in order to drive hurts like hell. Luckily my boss is more concerned with my health than anything, so as long as I can use the phone/computer, he's good. And I get to do it in pajamas. Ok, today I'm in yoga pants.

I think I'm less snarky now. I finished The Devil in the Junior League. It was good. I spent most of the book telling the main character to take the giant stick out of her ass. It was also weird that she was talking about all of these grown-up things (like being married for 7 years and being president-elect of the Junior League, etc etc) and the Character is 28. I'll be 30 way too soon and Most of the time I felt like she was older than me. Also odd: a coming of age story about a 28 year old. And she's not Forest Gump. But it was enjoyable. Good Beach Reading.

We watched I Am Legend last night. I can see why it didn't do well in the theaters. Because it made me sob. Well, part of it did. I'm not even kidding. Maybe it's because I'm in pain and I tend to be weepy when I hurt, and probably the fact that we watched it on our couch had a lot to do with my lack of reserve, but seriously: SOBBED. And then the end I was like "WTF?" At the risk of spoiling: If you've seen 28 Days Later (also a zombie movie...directed by the illustrious Danny Boyle) and you're a big honkin' nerd who's watched the bonus features then you know that the original ending for movie was changed. I forget how far they got into filming it (for some reasong I'm just seeing storyboards) but they changed it. This sort of movie HAS to end a certain way or you lose the audience. Danny Boyle knew that. The dudes who did I Am Legend must have thought, since they were doing a book, that it was ok to change the rules. Yes, it ends on a hopeful note, but it's Bot Hopeful Enough. Ok - so I just linked the movie title up there to the website and apparently there's a "controversial non-theatrical ending" on the second disc. I want that second disc. I want to see the OTHER ending and maybe I won't have such a crapped-out opinion of the potentially stellar zombie-flick.

In reality, it does have all the components:

1) a feasible apocalypse
2) a recognizeable landscape
3) a sympathetic and noble main character (at one point he looks at his daughter and tells her that "Daddy's going to make the monster's go away") whose only companion is a German Shepard
4) feasible "zombies" who have the Startle down
5) Nice suspenseful build-ups that make you *have* to see what's going to happen
6) A HIGH creep factor
7) a couple of explosions

and then it falls short.

Luckily, Hancock is going to be funny. Can't wait for that. I <3 Will Smith.

One of Steve's best friends is in town this weekend. It'll be nothing but queso, margaritas, and fish tacos as far as the eye can see... :-D

oh - two links for you.

On about sustainable seafood and one about an Amputee Goat who finds a home.

Happy Thursday!

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Hug R and E for me!! :)