Friday, May 23, 2008 boss

A month later, I've found the video:

skip ahead to the segment on LIFT after the segment on the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. And the guy talking about where he gets to park...yeah that's my boss.

And now you understand so much more than you did before. For reals.

Oh -- and rss the olliexcore site because there will be a plot-related gap in the posts. Roughly a week or so. That's all I'm saying. And since I want it to log in "real time" the gap will actually have to happen.

And now I'm working on the 2007 photo book (I'm hoping it all fits in one book) and realizing that while I take a TON of photos, there just aren't that many of me. Every now and again there will be a string of me holding the camera and taking my own picture, but mostly they just don't exist. I'm good with that :-)

Happy Long Weekend!

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