Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A few random thoughts

1) I put "In Defense of Food" on hold at the library. I'll read it with a snack.

2) The Greatest Show of Our Time just keeps getting better and better. Here's photo slideshow with a bit of real life gossip...leading to two questions: a) are her boobs *real*? and b) is she a beard? Is he gay?

3) There's a HUGE debate among "treehuggers" about whether or not it's environmentally ethical to have children biologically rather than adopting, given the fact that overpopulation is contributing to the rapid depletion of resources. here, here, ...and this...the VHEMT...you can't make up what the last one is. Trust me. Click it. I'm actually in the middle somewhere on this one. I'm not on board with outright population control, nor am I naive enough to think that people will realize on their own When To Stop.

So here's where we landed (of course Steve and I have talked about it): given the number of people we know who are opting out of the parent-track, our 2 kids will actually account for negative growth within our circle of friends and families. How many people aren't having kids? at least 6 couples off the top of my head. Couples already married, stable, and a few have even taken "measures" against accidental conception. I no longer worry about contributing to overpopulation. Also, I saw Children of Men and Idiocracy....if anything, I should griping at those 12 or so people to reproduce. Because, as has already been established, I'm a total snob. And I'm only friends with smart, funny, attractive people. I'm also only related to smart, funny, attractive people. And 4 of those twelve people are relatives. You heard me.

So in case you need incentive (you smart people out there who will produce the next leaders of our world...and raise them on Guitar Hero and Weeds....) Here's the intro for Idiocracy:

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Jessica said...

I started reading In Defense of Food Monday night after borrowing it from the Pop-In-Law. You'll probably finish it before me, cause I'm a sllloooowww reader. But so far I like the first 60 pages, ha.

Have you read any of Michael Pollan's other books? The Botany of Desire is excellent, and the Pop loved The Omnivore's Dilemma, but he loaned it out and never got it back, so I'll have to rely on the library for that one.