Thursday, May 8, 2008

So I'm thinking of buying my Grandfather a wii

I love ours. Wii sports would be something he'd get into. Tennis. Bowling. Baseball. Golf. He had to give up golfing after a leg injury, but this might be fun for him. And he could invite people over and have tea and gossip and play a round of golf. Even in a hurricane. Probably he wouldn't get into the boxing (although I wouldn't be surprised) and Mortal Kombat and Guitar Hero would be off entirely. But the new mario kart might be fun - especially if we got him the little steering wheel...

check it out:

In other news, I'm healing up nicely. I've been at work all crazy again but there's an upside: SLEEP. I get to sleep again. I've had two nights of a solid 8 hours and it's lovely. Seriously. There are no words for how lovely sleep is.

And completely random (not if you know me, though) this weeks GG surpassed even my expectations. I have some theories but I've promised myself NOT to watch any more spoilers until the end of the season. Next week I'll be up with the Female having beer and pizza and swooning (Chuck gets better every time I see him).

But here's a little season two info: starts shooting late July...and (from a reputable source whose name escapes me) "3 words: Hamp. Tons. Baby."


Ok. Now a mid-day bath (yippie) and then some more office attacking so I can get some of the shit out of my closet so I can attack that. You know you're jealous of my afternoon. ;-)

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