Thursday, May 1, 2008

Closet Update

So I woke up this morning in pain (right) and decided that even though the rest of me is going stir-drazy I should spend at least some time on the couch resting...which led me to throw in Clueless (also I was feeling old and Clueless makes me feel young again....or at least reminds my that I'm really an airhead. And dating myself by using the term "airhead".)

Anyway, I saw her software and (though many people have said "you mean like clueless?" when I've shared my plans) I was inspired to come in here and google it. Amazingly, the words "clueless wardrobe program" brought up a ton of hits -- this one that's totally online based, but judging solely from that fact that the guy in the picture looks like one of the zombies from I Am Legend, I'll be going with this one. That, and I'm on a mac. It looks a lot like polyvore, which I love to play on. The difference being that polyvore scours retailers and the mac program scours my closet.

I'll keep you updated.

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