Sunday, September 30, 2007

Lilly Allen: A Review

Ok, so I'm a little behind because this album has been out for a while, but since I was laid up I couldn't review it. So here goes:

Lilly Allen: Smile.

I'd first like to say that overall I love this album. It's cynical, amusing, funky, you can sing along, and she cusses like a sailor. Which I like - because I was raised by a sailor and my boss drops f-bombs like they're going out of style. Sometimes colorful language is just what the doctor ordered. In general, her rhymes just trip off your tongue in a way that's interesting and almost literary.

My first imporession was that she is doing what Mike Skinner was aiming for on his second album. It's like she listened to the Streets first album - Original Pirate Material and thought "let me take his basic style and make it my own...and add some pop. And oh yeah, I can carry a tune so it'll be fun to listen to." :-D

Track One: Smile. This song is the ultimate "I'm so glad you're out of my life because you are a cheating bastard" song. It's catchy, it's a little bit mean and it will stick in your head. Don't worry, though, people who don't listen to all of the lyrics will think you're just singing a really happy song.

Track Two: Knock 'em Out. Every girl (and guy probably) can relate to this song. You're in a bar and someone can't get the hint that you're just not interested. Part rap, part pop song - so much fun. She spends the song sprinkling amusing examples of why she doesn't want to get involved with this guy through the chorus. Also - going to get stuck in you head.

Track Three: LDN. This is another lovely song about how great everything is...until you take another look. Telling lyric: "When you look with your eyes, everything seems nice. But if you look twice you can tell it's all lies..." I love that people use this song as their "Feel good, look how great my life is" song. Cracks me up.

Track Four: Everything's Wonderful: Yet another sing-along song. Telling lyric: "Oh Jesus-Christ Almighty do I feel alright? No - not slightly." But it's such a peppy upper of a pop song if you don't listen to the lyrics too closely ;-)

Track Five: Not Big. This is a really fun break up song. She's vicious and snide and - quite frankly - such a bitch. But every girl I know has been in her shoes. Of course - this is a catchy little ditty that you can't help but sing along to.

Track Six: Friday Night: This one is one of my less favorite songs. There's nothing wrong with it outright...but this lyric completely turns me off: "don't try and test me 'cuz you'll get a reaction..." I'm not down with people walking around talking about how tough they are. But I pretty strictly adhere to the "Show me, don't tell me" school of thought. She's trying too hard here.

Track Seven: Shame For You. This one doesn't hold my interest. After the poppy quickness of the previous songs, this one feels like it's dragging. It's a break up song, and she sounds like she's looking to start a fight and looking forward to kicking this guys ass. Overall, on this one....meh.

Track Eight: Littlest Things. I skip this one because she stole the opening riff from Cat Steven's "Wide World" and then it quickly shifts to a less-interesting "oh poor me" song. Whatever.

Track Nine: Take What You Take. I like this one - it's a nice little ditty about looking up and making the best of things. And then she turns around and throws everyones advice back in their face with one line: "What the fuck do you know?" which segues into a chorus about being whoever you are as long as it's who you really are - which is a philosophy I subscribe to.

Track Ten: Friend Of Mine. A nice little story about a girl realizing that while she has been a friend to this other chick, this other chick is really a honking-big bitch who has not been her friend. So she's basically ending this friendship - with lines like "You're no friend of mine...You're just a waste of time...I was hoping this was all a stupid phase - who are you anyway? " The music has a nice little reggae feel to it. Slow without dragging. Fun to sing along with.

Track Eleven: Alfie. Oh...the memories. In this song, she's singing about her little brother Alfie who spends all his time in his bedroom playing video games and smoking out. Favorite line: "Oh Little Brother please refrain from doing that/ I'm trying to help you out/ so could you stop being a twat?" This is also one of her upbeat and catchy little tunes.

Track Twelve: Nan You're a Window Shopper: Catchy, about how her grandmother is living on pennies and is completely out of touch. I'm not a fan...

Track Thirteen: Smile- remixed by Mark Ronson.

Track Fourteen: Blank Expression. She goes out to visit her friend who greets her as if she doesn't even know her - with a completely blank expression. Another vaguely reggae beat - beware of the bass hitting in your car. It's crazy. This song could be about me. I tend to greet people I'm not interesting in with a blank expression. It's bitchy, but it's what I do. I dig this song - it's a nice ending to the album.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Even more myspace suckage

I'm post happy today. Deal with it ;-)

Myspace resurrected my account....devoid of friends, blogs, my mail is there and pictures are still there....but so what? *THOSE* I have copies of (the pictures. the mail is inconsequential since I have EMAIL)....stupid Myspace. Seriously. Deleting that account and if I feel the need to spy on people, I use one of the kitty accounts I created one sleepless night... :-D



I'm going to be an aunt. I'm so excited.
Check it out (this is old, but it's the only one I've got for now) that's at about 5 weeks. Can you imagine? Something this small is going to grow and be born and become one more person I get to spoil. I love spoiling people. Not sure why, but I do. Make their lives a little sunnier and a bit easier.

And I can't wait for this little person. Until then, I'm utilizing the Event planner spreadsheet in iwork08 and planning her baby shower. It's going to rock. Best Baby Shower Ever. As soon as she finds out the sex. I might be more impatient about that than she is...if you can believe it.

And then after the shower...the nursery. There's some serious vicarious living here. Too bad she's in Houston...although, that might not be so bad...keeps everything in moderation. :-D

New Blog

Stupid myspace deleted me. For reals. Maybe I was too avant garde for them. Maybe they thought I was a any rate, I'm over their "oh no an unexpected error has occured!" baloney and I will just blog here from now one.

So that's all I have to say for now.

Oh wait - remember when Steve almost carjacked someone? I almost got carjacked today. They poor guy looked mortified when he figured out that there's more than one Blue Honda Fit in Dallas. I just chuckled and waved and turned because my light turned green. I should have told him it's ok because my husband did that once...but I was hungry and he hurried away quickly. So that's my funny story for the day. I almost got carjacked by someone who looked like an accountant. :-)