Sunday, December 21, 2008


Today we are packing our suitcases, taking the cats over to my sister's house, and disconnecting the computers. Which means no blog updates until the week of the 5th.

Note the lack of a concrete blog-update-date? Let's just say I'd rather not accidentally lie to you.

The next few weeks will be split between Switzerland, Grapevine, and San Jose.

Merry Christmas!
Happy Hannukah (which I believe starts tonight? Or last night?)

Happy New Year!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Still lazy

Ok. Busy. We leave on MONDAY. Monday, people. And between now and then we have 3 Christmases.

Anyway, check out embrita. :-)

Monday, December 15, 2008

Bonjour Laziness!

Oh yeah. Posted a short blog on Embrita.

And added a feed from my RSS aggregator over there on the right. Good stuff.

Happy Monday!

Friday, December 12, 2008

I Had Christmas Down in Africa

So good, it deserves a stand-alone post: (and it's on my facebook as well. It's that good.)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Hot Chocolate!

Went to a party Friday night for the 75th anniversary of the repeal of Prohibition..or the "Nobel Experiment" as some haughty-taughty people called it. It was at the Sister's house and it was a rollicking good time. There are lots of photos, but I'm just going to share this one:

That's right. Brother-in-Law made a speakeasy door. You even had to know a password to get in and pass a breathalizer to get out. They were certainly on top of it.

Then I was roused waaay too early on Saturday by loud people arriving a good 2 hours early for the Christmas parade. So I made myself some hot chocolate and in between scanning and archiving old family photos (note: if you decide to take on this project, have your head examined first. It's too late for me - now that I've started I MUST finish...but you, there's still hope for you) I watched the parade.

There were of course a zillion marching bands all playing Christmas carols, which I shamelessly sang along to. Loud. (Perk of Husband being across the country: I can sing as loud as I like. I do anyway when he's here, but I always feel a little guilty for putting his ears in danger like that.)

And there are photos - through my dirty window from a block away with my "crappy" camera.

I get a definite Stay-Puft vibe off of this guy.

I'm not sure what these guys were doing. They're in Edwardian dress riding those early was cool.

This is the view down Main Street looking West. I have a friend in the first building to the left and Neimans is just beyond that. There's yummy restaurants down there. All of which I will miss.

What's a Christmas Parade without some Storm Trooper action?

This float is the Hot Chocolate float - they're all dressed like the waiters on Polar Express and that song was playing on a loop. It, of course, got stuck in my head.

A My Little Pony. Having a resurgence in popularity. If only I still had mine!

Rudolph, coming in for a landing. In the new pool...maybe he's thirsty?

And the Big Guy himself. I almost missed him because I got distracted by needing to watch Polar Express to get that song out of my head. It didn't work, btw.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

An interesting Discovery

I am Scottish. Well, one-quarter Scottish. It would be one-eighth, but due to genetics and math, it's one-quarter.

And not just ANY Scottish. I, of course, have more information than the average person needs/cares about so I'll keep this short.

My maternal great-grandmother was a Gregory. A particular Gregory who came from the Clan Gregor. Complete with Castle:

And a tartan:

which I own (completely coincidentally)

I plan on doing some DNA research, but not until after we're moved and settled and there's no chance that my spit will be packed up and lost.

I've been giggling every time I think about it since I discovered it yesterday. Because in order for that to be my castle, roughly 4 bajillion people (some of whom I love dearly) would have to die. But Avril's words still ring a little true. And justify my haggy/superior behavior a little more. my able-to-rationalize-anything mind it does. wink. And no WONDER I have such expensive tastes. For realz. It also explains my affinity for her:

I don't know if it's ironic or not...I think this actually does fall under that definition, but finding out when and where my ancestors came from when they immigrated to America (in some cases before it was America) makes me feel more patriotic than almost anything else I've done.

And now...for the last word on Being Scottish...Ewan McGregor, speaking the words of Irvine Welsh/John Hodge as directed by Danny Boyle (Who REALLY blows my skirt up)

This is NOT safe for work.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Oh yeah...

Spent last week recharging in Florida.

It was awesome. We do a lot of lying around and reading when we're there. We went for a couple of walks and had lunch on the bay at Crystal River -- where there was crazy manatee activity.

Then I flew home and we had Steve's Going Away Party:

Funny story: some people (one of whom was IN THE MILITARY) thought that my screen saver was counting down until when Steve leaves. It's actually just on Military Time. But when it hit 0:00 we needed to take a photo. Of course.

I put my paltry Christmas decorations up on the embrita blog. (link at right)

Oh, and I made some headway on the genealogy research. If I'm not mistaken, there's a Scottish line that leads from me way way waaay back.


(hint has some not safe for work language in

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Some things...

I'm going to miss our Butcher. His name is Greg and he's awesome. Seriously. If you're in Dallas and you want some GOOD meat go see him. I feel the need to pimp since I'm leaving and he's losing a LOT of business. Steve does like a good steak when I'm out with the girls...LINK to him.

I'm going to miss being down the street from Neimans. Check out the Christmas trees this an entire post all to itself on the design blog.

I'm going to miss watching college ball with my mom. Perhaps a move will equal cable and I'll get to see some Coach K action from the West Coast.

I'm going to miss Coopers. I've watched those kids grow up. I've watched them learn to talk, learn to walk, (not) learn to share...I have kids who are too old to actually need watching come in just to talk now. They were 5 when I started and in middle school now. I've seen infants because big brothers and sisters...and I've encountered every gross thing a kid can do to you. Trust me on this one. I would post photos of these kids that I love, but they're not mine and I have reservations about it. So I won't. But trust me. Dozens and dozens of beautiful children over the years. Dreadfully inadequate words: I have a richer life because of those children.

But enough of that. Here's some funny. Princess Polly Prissy Pants. Making out with the humidifier. What you can't hear is the trilling and meowing and purring. And if she had actually managed to make it bubble...well, you have no idea the amount of frolicking that happens then. For reals.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Gettin' My Move On

Posting will be a bit sporadic in the coming weeks. We're moving from the Big D to Sunny Central Cali and it's a rather sudden move. Husband will start work in Dec. and I'm spending the last week of November in Florida (as I do every year) and then the last two weeks-ish of December we'll be in Snowy Switzerland....

There are some logistical nightmares ahead and the distinct possibility that Husband will be living in Cali while I'm here packing. Luckily my last day at work is Thursday so that will free up a lot of time to get packing.

Not looking forward to: 3 days in a car driving across the desert with two surly cats. Even if they will be on Children's Benadryl.

Going to keep on Top of the Embrita blog as much as I can...and the company will move with me. (such as it is at this point.)

A 3rd Anniversary weekend in Napa is looking like a very nice idea right now...I love it and Husband has never been. It's time. I love it when a plan comes together.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

13 seconds of Emily

on Halloween:

btw - that's Jessica laughing maniacally in the background.

American Boy

Oh yeah. You know it.

(not my photo...can't find the original credit. If it's yours, let me know so I can credit you.)

(photo: JFK Library)

I'm sure that there have been and will be many a comparison between JFK and President Elect Barack Obama (who, as Chris Rock says: Has a name so Black you expect him to be carrying a spear.) But I like this one: youth in the White House. His daughters are in their most pliable stage of life. To be around that power and confidence - from both parents - will serve them, and our country, very well. Here's hoping they don't name the First Dog something dumb.

Now I could fill the rest of this with quotes from one of his many inspirational speeches, but you have Google if you need to catch up.

What I will say is this: this is a man who was born into the Civil Rights Movement. He lived a life of honesty and resilience. This was a very polarizing election, with record turnouts and for the first time in almost a decade: a clear winner. The country has spoken. And in the morning, the flag was still there.

This is interesting.

(PS - my heart breaks for him over the loss of his grandmother. I had a hard time getting out of bed when mine passed away.)

And now...because I'm video happy...I'll leave you with what some people called The Song Of Summer:

Sunday, November 2, 2008


I received this in the mail a few weeks ago:

As if there were Friends for Fighting? I'm a hag and even I know that's not right.
Speaking of hags, I've found a new blog that I love. Not that's she's a hag, but she's more interested in being Interesting than Nice, which I can seriously get on board with.
Check her out. Warning: raisins might come out of your nose.

Speaking of friends, went to a Halloween Party Friday night. A night with friends in Fancy dress looks like this:

And this:

And this:

It does not look like people in lame costumes sitting on the couch being anti-social. Although there was a bit of that, too. I remember pausing briefly to wonder if they were having as much fun as those of us in danger of spewing champagne out of our noses and then I thought "wait a minute. I am not their mom, nor am I their babysitter or even their BFF...and we are not an exclusive clique. If they want to also laugh until alcoholic beverages come out of their nose, well they can get their Constipated Frigid Bitch Asses off the couch and come join us." They didn't. What they did do is Leave Early and that's just their loss. For serious.

Oh, also - friends having fun looks like this:

No, he's not Dr. Horrible, although he does have the look down. Maybe I'll get Steve to be Dr. Horrible next year for our Mad Scientist party. That would be awesome. And then I'll be Mrs. Lovett. Who isn't a mad scientist but who was most certainly mad and the cook. And we all know that when the B's host a party, it's the Emmie who's cooking. Wonder if I could get my hair to do that...?

Such fun. And I might even have the time/space to make a costume, in which case: game on.

Alright, so today blogging feels like procrastinating. Why? Because there are piles and piles of detritus hanging around our loft just waiting to be dealt with. Of course...I feel like procrastinating more. I think I'll watch Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog. (link above.) Hm...maybe I'll vlog next. :-) That would be hilarious.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A little Explanation

I hear a lot of "geez, Emily, it takes you so long to get ready in the morning...what's the deal?"

Answer: I have two cats, a 12.5lb little girl named Polly who likes to lay in my lap and howl in my face...and a 17.2 lb (mostly muscle, said the vet Monday afternoon) who likes to do this:

Yeah, that's my mousin' arm. And then he gets comfortable:

I took more, but you get the point. It's hard to disturb that. Not that I spoil my kitties or anything...

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Holy Giant Beach Ball, Batman!

No kidding. Today (and yesterday) at the corner of Elm and Akard in downtown Dallas. Apparently, Carnival Cruise Lines got together with Guinness World Records to do some shenanigans with the Worlds Largest Beach Ball.

Of course I got photos:

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Two Posts in one day?!?!?!

That's right, folks. Why? Because today is the Annual Cattle Drive.

Behold, right outside my window!

And a stagecoach outside my door (on Main Street)

And Rodeo Clowns on the street:

Cowgirls in the street: (in front of my FAVORITE building - the one in which Oswald was shot)

Also in the street? Cows! And lots of 'em! (Longhorns, to be precise.)

And Businessmen!

And a Bike Messenger!

And cows being ornery!

And a cowboy!

Happy you...until we meet again....Happy you...Keep Smilin' until then...!

And all of this leads to G. Love and Jack Johnson: Rodeo Clowns:

Channeling Patrick Bateman

(in crowded restaurant)
"What are you into?"
"Murders and Executions!"
"Mergers and Acquisitions!"

So true. On so many levels, isn't it?

Luckily, that's not that part I'm channeling. (I can't remember the format in which he does this, and I'm not going to be as thorough, either, so forgive me that, please.)

The Old 97's joined together 15 years ago - Rhett Miller, Murray Hammond, Ken Bethea, and Phillip Peeples and a year later put out Hitchhike to Rhome. Fast forward to the summer of 2000, when their full catalogue included 4 albums, the last of which - Fight Songs - had radio play on the alternative stations I listened to.

The night in question, I'm at The Sons Of Herman Hall with Chaz and a couple of his friends. I forget who we were there to see. On our way down the stairs to the bar, a couple of guys crossed our path.

Chaz: "Hi! I'm a huge fan..blah blah blah...."
Cute Guy # 1: "Hi, nice to meet you. Rhett Miller." (Said while he's looking at me - as I said to Chaz later - like I'm on the menu. I remember this because I was 21 and still had that leftover high-school awkward feeling running through my veins and the thought that someone as HOT as Rhett would look at me like that...well it made an impression. Don't get me wrong - Chaz is a very attractive man. But we met through friends and I'm convinced it was my rapier wit that won his friendship.)

The rest of the stairway conversation is a blur. I'm sure I blushed and tried to hide while also trying not to drool over Rhett Miller. When we got down to the bar and had our beers I asked who that was.

"The Old 97's. I burned a few of their cds for you." The rest, they say, is history. Chaz and I saw them at least twice that summer and I've seen them countless times since. Always at small venues and the shows are ALWAYS high energy and so much fun.

So this past Saturday night...Rhett crossed party lines and performed at the homecoming of his High School rival: Jesuit. (Rhett went to St Marks) Because my husband belongs to that particular cult, we attended.

Behold, our view:

The weird thing is that we were closer - we were in the auditorium and, perspective-wise, Rhett seemed much closer than he does on the photo. But I also had the wide-angle setting on so that I could get everyone.

And then, because I was sitting on bleachers that rumbled constantly, my video was shaky and you can hear my singing...which is guaranteed to make your ears I'll give you this interview that I found online, and link you to the post in which I posted their Nerdiest Video Ever (LOVE - and it's safe for work)

Also - I think a Guitar Hero: Old 97's would be something that I'd play a LOT.

Final Thought: this is my computer setup. The newest addition is the Union Jack Rubber Duckie on the screen. Little J brought it back to me from London. I <3 it.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Some Random Thoughts

When one lays on a couch for the better part of a year, the waistline tends to expand. This was brought home in a most unfortunate and unwelcome manner when I went to measure so I could purchase the right size coat. I was inspired to climb to failure today.

Pushing Daisies is hilarious. Also, total eye candy in every sense of the word.

Check out the embrita blog. Today is Blog Action Day so this one has some heart in it. Also I've applied for blogher sponsorship, so please leave comments! (That was so shameless.)

Swiss-German is a dialect which has 2500 unique words. I now know them all. Woot! Moving on to refresh my French. :-)

Lately whenever I'm having questions about the proper way to behave, I ask myself the Age-Old Question: WWDD? What Would Della Do? Who is Della? My late-grandmother (my mother's mother) and the quintessential Southern Lady. And let me tell you, it's making me view everyone else with that same filter and I am positively shocked at some of the things people do thinking that their behavior is perfectly ok.

Monday night's Gossip Girl made me say "Oh S@%t!" Several times. Out loud.

The requisites for entry to Harvard's Graduate English program make me look like the Village Idiot. Of course, so did the requisites for sitting down to dinner with Julius Nicholas, AKA my great-great-great(-great?) Grandfather.

I think that's good for today.

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, October 13, 2008


I picked up the new MGMT (Oracular Spectacular)on an itunes music binge last week. I dig it. It's got a very 70s feel that I can't quite place my finger on. So here are my two favorite songs:

First, Electric Feel...which features stellar lyrics along the lines of "ooo girl, shock me like an electric eel..." Word.

Bummer. I can't embed it. So you'll have to go here. It's their official video....which appears to have been directed by someone who was reading Tolkien at Woodstock.

And if you can figure out what to make of this video - The Youth - which is awesome - let me know. It's got a very Electric Company feel to it. And it makes me wish I could get away with Purple Sequins...(it's also TOTALLY work long as your work allows you to sit around and watch videos ;-) )

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Oh. Em. Gee.

There's PARK ACTIVITY. And by park I mean "Currently a Giant Empty and Potentially abandoned Block of Dirt With a Big Hole In It."

For reference: Main Street Gardens, as written about in my fave local news blog, Unfair Park. (In the image at the top of that article, our building is on the right - our bank account is glad that we moved in when it was a parking garage, before they could charge for "Park Views."

So I got home for lunch on Friday to discover ACTIVITY. Actual PEOPLE were in the block, and not cutting through or LOST. They were there with a purpose. Behold:

So there's a ribbon-cutting/speech giving/morale-boosting meeting going on at one end...with the Building In Which Jack Ruby Shot Oswald in the background.

Of course, at the other end is the Bat-Cave, being filled in by some kind of back-ho thing. Wherever will the Wonder Twins meet now that their secret lair is full of dirt?

And just for giggles - here's the progress of the construction we've been witnessing since the Dawn Of Time:

Not Pictured: The Not So Grand Hotel.

Reference blogs. Older. (With an interior shot that makes me cringe.) And Newer, with information that I find galvanizing. The latter link has a picture of the outside. I'm not taking a picture of it because it creeps me out. If there were any place for something Shining-esque to take place, The Grand is it. And I'd have a front-row seat.

So that was exciting. For more excitement, see the Embrita Blog.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

A little bit of stuff.

Item one: Do not let your sweet potatoes/yams sit too long before you use them or they'll end up looking like this:

If we had a backyard, they would have been planted. But we don't so they were de-rooted and cooked. They were yummy, too.

Item two: The Jewish High Holy Days = a day off for Emily. I made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. They're yummy. Also - the wine room at Pogo's (the only work we did today) is looking smashing. Seriously. When it's finished it's going to be delish. Trust.

Item three: rescued a fifty-or-so year-old card catalogue from mom's library. It's solid wood and weighs FOUR MILLION POUNDS. It's still in my trunk. Yes, it fit in the Fit. My car is awesome. And even with a 4,000,000lb hunk of solid wood in the back of my car weighing it down, I bet I STILL got well over 30mpg on the highway. Take that, SUVs! As soon as I can get it upstairs it will go in between the fabulous tufted suede chairs. I'll post photos etc on the embrita site. :-)

Item four: all of my dinner alarms are going off. Time to go drool over - I mean watch Josh Lyman. On the West Wing.

PS - Item five: Yes, it is tasty that Jonathan Rhys Meyers spends a LOT of naked time on screen in the Tudors. But I still couldn't get into it enough to dedicate an hour at a time watching it. Too complicated. Too....something. Mostly just not what I'm in the mood for. But the eye candy is nice.

Monday, October 6, 2008


That's called an ellipsis. If you're in the 8th grade in Plano Schools, you haven't learned that. Yet another reason to go to private school. Stupid No Child Left Behind. I was in Plano last week with the girls.

Anyway, all the blogging has been happening over at the design blog the past couple of days. Check it out.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Brought to You by the Color Yellow.

There's a debate tonight. In a few hours the two Presidential Candidates will take the stage and convince us that one of them is fit to untangle the mess that the current administration has gotten us into.

And I know that it's early for me to be telling you to Vote, but I am.

Does it matter to me who you vote for? Not really. I have my opinions, but for the sake of this post, I'm going to suspend them. Just make sure that you register, you PAY ATTENTION, you research both candidates regarding the issues that matter the most to you, and you show up and vote. It's the first Tuesday in November.

Where can you register, you ask? Here, at Rock The Vote. And here, at the League of Women Voters. (I'm not sure about the former, but the latter is a non-partisan organization dedicated to allowing you (and they're not biased, you can be a man) to make the most informed vote possible. Rock on, Sista Suffragette.)

Where do some research?

Well, there are so many many places, but the most logical place is to start at the candidates sites:


And then you can go to what I've found to be the best non-partisan resource: Fact Check. This is great. These guys take all of the ads, speeches, etc from all candidates/camps and say "Yes, this is correct" or "no, this is incorrect and here's why..." It's fabulous.

For the funny, I like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. What I like about Jon Stewart is that they're a "day late" news program so they have time to gather up news clips and whatnot from previous years and play them with the current clips. What I like about Stephen Colbert is that he's more conservative than I am and he calls the audience "Nation." Also both shows are streamed free - but not ad free - on the above links. It makes me laugh over breakfast.

If you want to skip their non-political bits, then go straight here: to Indecision 2008 and watch clips. For example (chose this one because it has the distinction of being "most viewed.")

Ah..and why yellow, you ask? Because lately I'm feeling rather like people should be responsible for themselves.

Posters courtesy of Get Out The Vote 08