Monday, October 13, 2008


I picked up the new MGMT (Oracular Spectacular)on an itunes music binge last week. I dig it. It's got a very 70s feel that I can't quite place my finger on. So here are my two favorite songs:

First, Electric Feel...which features stellar lyrics along the lines of "ooo girl, shock me like an electric eel..." Word.

Bummer. I can't embed it. So you'll have to go here. It's their official video....which appears to have been directed by someone who was reading Tolkien at Woodstock.

And if you can figure out what to make of this video - The Youth - which is awesome - let me know. It's got a very Electric Company feel to it. And it makes me wish I could get away with Purple Sequins...(it's also TOTALLY work long as your work allows you to sit around and watch videos ;-) )

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