Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Some Random Thoughts

When one lays on a couch for the better part of a year, the waistline tends to expand. This was brought home in a most unfortunate and unwelcome manner when I went to measure so I could purchase the right size coat. I was inspired to climb to failure today.

Pushing Daisies is hilarious. Also, total eye candy in every sense of the word.

Check out the embrita blog. Today is Blog Action Day so this one has some heart in it. Also I've applied for blogher sponsorship, so please leave comments! (That was so shameless.)

Swiss-German is a dialect which has 2500 unique words. I now know them all. Woot! Moving on to refresh my French. :-)

Lately whenever I'm having questions about the proper way to behave, I ask myself the Age-Old Question: WWDD? What Would Della Do? Who is Della? My late-grandmother (my mother's mother) and the quintessential Southern Lady. And let me tell you, it's making me view everyone else with that same filter and I am positively shocked at some of the things people do thinking that their behavior is perfectly ok.

Monday night's Gossip Girl made me say "Oh S@%t!" Several times. Out loud.

The requisites for entry to Harvard's Graduate English program make me look like the Village Idiot. Of course, so did the requisites for sitting down to dinner with Julius Nicholas, AKA my great-great-great(-great?) Grandfather.

I think that's good for today.

Happy Wednesday!

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