Sunday, October 12, 2008

Oh. Em. Gee.

There's PARK ACTIVITY. And by park I mean "Currently a Giant Empty and Potentially abandoned Block of Dirt With a Big Hole In It."

For reference: Main Street Gardens, as written about in my fave local news blog, Unfair Park. (In the image at the top of that article, our building is on the right - our bank account is glad that we moved in when it was a parking garage, before they could charge for "Park Views."

So I got home for lunch on Friday to discover ACTIVITY. Actual PEOPLE were in the block, and not cutting through or LOST. They were there with a purpose. Behold:

So there's a ribbon-cutting/speech giving/morale-boosting meeting going on at one end...with the Building In Which Jack Ruby Shot Oswald in the background.

Of course, at the other end is the Bat-Cave, being filled in by some kind of back-ho thing. Wherever will the Wonder Twins meet now that their secret lair is full of dirt?

And just for giggles - here's the progress of the construction we've been witnessing since the Dawn Of Time:

Not Pictured: The Not So Grand Hotel.

Reference blogs. Older. (With an interior shot that makes me cringe.) And Newer, with information that I find galvanizing. The latter link has a picture of the outside. I'm not taking a picture of it because it creeps me out. If there were any place for something Shining-esque to take place, The Grand is it. And I'd have a front-row seat.

So that was exciting. For more excitement, see the Embrita Blog.

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