Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Channeling Patrick Bateman

(in crowded restaurant)
"What are you into?"
"Murders and Executions!"
"Mergers and Acquisitions!"

So true. On so many levels, isn't it?

Luckily, that's not that part I'm channeling. (I can't remember the format in which he does this, and I'm not going to be as thorough, either, so forgive me that, please.)

The Old 97's joined together 15 years ago - Rhett Miller, Murray Hammond, Ken Bethea, and Phillip Peeples and a year later put out Hitchhike to Rhome. Fast forward to the summer of 2000, when their full catalogue included 4 albums, the last of which - Fight Songs - had radio play on the alternative stations I listened to.

The night in question, I'm at The Sons Of Herman Hall with Chaz and a couple of his friends. I forget who we were there to see. On our way down the stairs to the bar, a couple of guys crossed our path.

Chaz: "Hi! I'm a huge fan..blah blah blah...."
Cute Guy # 1: "Hi, nice to meet you. Rhett Miller." (Said while he's looking at me - as I said to Chaz later - like I'm on the menu. I remember this because I was 21 and still had that leftover high-school awkward feeling running through my veins and the thought that someone as HOT as Rhett would look at me like that...well it made an impression. Don't get me wrong - Chaz is a very attractive man. But we met through friends and I'm convinced it was my rapier wit that won his friendship.)

The rest of the stairway conversation is a blur. I'm sure I blushed and tried to hide while also trying not to drool over Rhett Miller. When we got down to the bar and had our beers I asked who that was.

"The Old 97's. I burned a few of their cds for you." The rest, they say, is history. Chaz and I saw them at least twice that summer and I've seen them countless times since. Always at small venues and the shows are ALWAYS high energy and so much fun.

So this past Saturday night...Rhett crossed party lines and performed at the homecoming of his High School rival: Jesuit. (Rhett went to St Marks) Because my husband belongs to that particular cult, we attended.

Behold, our view:

The weird thing is that we were closer - we were in the auditorium and, perspective-wise, Rhett seemed much closer than he does on the photo. But I also had the wide-angle setting on so that I could get everyone.

And then, because I was sitting on bleachers that rumbled constantly, my video was shaky and you can hear my singing...which is guaranteed to make your ears I'll give you this interview that I found online, and link you to the post in which I posted their Nerdiest Video Ever (LOVE - and it's safe for work)

Also - I think a Guitar Hero: Old 97's would be something that I'd play a LOT.

Final Thought: this is my computer setup. The newest addition is the Union Jack Rubber Duckie on the screen. Little J brought it back to me from London. I <3 it.

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