Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Some things...

I'm going to miss our Butcher. His name is Greg and he's awesome. Seriously. If you're in Dallas and you want some GOOD meat go see him. I feel the need to pimp since I'm leaving and he's losing a LOT of business. Steve does like a good steak when I'm out with the girls...LINK to him.

I'm going to miss being down the street from Neimans. Check out the Christmas trees this year...in an entire post all to itself on the design blog.

I'm going to miss watching college ball with my mom. Perhaps a move will equal cable and I'll get to see some Coach K action from the West Coast.

I'm going to miss Coopers. I've watched those kids grow up. I've watched them learn to talk, learn to walk, (not) learn to share...I have kids who are too old to actually need watching come in just to talk now. They were 5 when I started and in middle school now. I've seen infants because big brothers and sisters...and I've encountered every gross thing a kid can do to you. Trust me on this one. I would post photos of these kids that I love, but they're not mine and I have reservations about it. So I won't. But trust me. Dozens and dozens of beautiful children over the years. Dreadfully inadequate words: I have a richer life because of those children.

But enough of that. Here's some funny. Princess Polly Prissy Pants. Making out with the humidifier. What you can't hear is the trilling and meowing and purring. And if she had actually managed to make it bubble...well, you have no idea the amount of frolicking that happens then. For reals.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Gettin' My Move On

Posting will be a bit sporadic in the coming weeks. We're moving from the Big D to Sunny Central Cali and it's a rather sudden move. Husband will start work in Dec. and I'm spending the last week of November in Florida (as I do every year) and then the last two weeks-ish of December we'll be in Snowy Switzerland....

There are some logistical nightmares ahead and the distinct possibility that Husband will be living in Cali while I'm here packing. Luckily my last day at work is Thursday so that will free up a lot of time to get packing.

Not looking forward to: 3 days in a car driving across the desert with two surly cats. Even if they will be on Children's Benadryl.

Going to keep on Top of the Embrita blog as much as I can...and the company will move with me. (such as it is at this point.)

A 3rd Anniversary weekend in Napa is looking like a very nice idea right now...I love it and Husband has never been. It's time. I love it when a plan comes together.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

13 seconds of Emily

on Halloween:

btw - that's Jessica laughing maniacally in the background.

American Boy

Oh yeah. You know it.

(not my photo...can't find the original credit. If it's yours, let me know so I can credit you.)

(photo: JFK Library)

I'm sure that there have been and will be many a comparison between JFK and President Elect Barack Obama (who, as Chris Rock says: Has a name so Black you expect him to be carrying a spear.) But I like this one: youth in the White House. His daughters are in their most pliable stage of life. To be around that power and confidence - from both parents - will serve them, and our country, very well. Here's hoping they don't name the First Dog something dumb.

Now I could fill the rest of this with quotes from one of his many inspirational speeches, but you have Google if you need to catch up.

What I will say is this: this is a man who was born into the Civil Rights Movement. He lived a life of honesty and resilience. This was a very polarizing election, with record turnouts and for the first time in almost a decade: a clear winner. The country has spoken. And in the morning, the flag was still there.

This is interesting.

(PS - my heart breaks for him over the loss of his grandmother. I had a hard time getting out of bed when mine passed away.)

And now...because I'm video happy...I'll leave you with what some people called The Song Of Summer:

Sunday, November 2, 2008


I received this in the mail a few weeks ago:

As if there were Friends for Fighting? I'm a hag and even I know that's not right.
Speaking of hags, I've found a new blog that I love. Not that's she's a hag, but she's more interested in being Interesting than Nice, which I can seriously get on board with.
Check her out. Warning: raisins might come out of your nose.

Speaking of friends, went to a Halloween Party Friday night. A night with friends in Fancy dress looks like this:

And this:

And this:

It does not look like people in lame costumes sitting on the couch being anti-social. Although there was a bit of that, too. I remember pausing briefly to wonder if they were having as much fun as those of us in danger of spewing champagne out of our noses and then I thought "wait a minute. I am not their mom, nor am I their babysitter or even their BFF...and we are not an exclusive clique. If they want to also laugh until alcoholic beverages come out of their nose, well they can get their Constipated Frigid Bitch Asses off the couch and come join us." They didn't. What they did do is Leave Early and that's just their loss. For serious.

Oh, also - friends having fun looks like this:

No, he's not Dr. Horrible, although he does have the look down. Maybe I'll get Steve to be Dr. Horrible next year for our Mad Scientist party. That would be awesome. And then I'll be Mrs. Lovett. Who isn't a mad scientist but who was most certainly mad and the cook. And we all know that when the B's host a party, it's the Emmie who's cooking. Wonder if I could get my hair to do that...?

Such fun. And I might even have the time/space to make a costume, in which case: game on.

Alright, so today blogging feels like procrastinating. Why? Because there are piles and piles of detritus hanging around our loft just waiting to be dealt with. Of course...I feel like procrastinating more. I think I'll watch Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog. (link above.) Hm...maybe I'll vlog next. :-) That would be hilarious.