Sunday, November 2, 2008


I received this in the mail a few weeks ago:

As if there were Friends for Fighting? I'm a hag and even I know that's not right.
Speaking of hags, I've found a new blog that I love. Not that's she's a hag, but she's more interested in being Interesting than Nice, which I can seriously get on board with.
Check her out. Warning: raisins might come out of your nose.

Speaking of friends, went to a Halloween Party Friday night. A night with friends in Fancy dress looks like this:

And this:

And this:

It does not look like people in lame costumes sitting on the couch being anti-social. Although there was a bit of that, too. I remember pausing briefly to wonder if they were having as much fun as those of us in danger of spewing champagne out of our noses and then I thought "wait a minute. I am not their mom, nor am I their babysitter or even their BFF...and we are not an exclusive clique. If they want to also laugh until alcoholic beverages come out of their nose, well they can get their Constipated Frigid Bitch Asses off the couch and come join us." They didn't. What they did do is Leave Early and that's just their loss. For serious.

Oh, also - friends having fun looks like this:

No, he's not Dr. Horrible, although he does have the look down. Maybe I'll get Steve to be Dr. Horrible next year for our Mad Scientist party. That would be awesome. And then I'll be Mrs. Lovett. Who isn't a mad scientist but who was most certainly mad and the cook. And we all know that when the B's host a party, it's the Emmie who's cooking. Wonder if I could get my hair to do that...?

Such fun. And I might even have the time/space to make a costume, in which case: game on.

Alright, so today blogging feels like procrastinating. Why? Because there are piles and piles of detritus hanging around our loft just waiting to be dealt with. Of course...I feel like procrastinating more. I think I'll watch Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog. (link above.) Hm...maybe I'll vlog next. :-) That would be hilarious.

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