Monday, June 30, 2008

I Care Because You Do

Just thought I'd take a minute and post the link for the videos from the Deep Ellum Town Meeting on Friday. It looks like all might not be lost. Which makes me happy. I could go on and on about how much I love Deep Ellum, but I'll leave it at this: it's the first place Steve and I will look for property when we decide to buy. Assuming our building doesn't go Condo first, that is.

Happy Monday!

Friday, June 27, 2008

I have out-clevered myself

So it should be known that anytime anyone (real or fictional) makes a comment about having too much stuff or being disorganized or overwhelmed or whatever, I feel the need to pare down, organize, and take control.

In the process I cleverly stashed a stack of photos - cds, prints, mini-album and all - and now I can't find them. Let me paint you a picture. We have roughly 1200 square feet: living area/dining/kitchen, office, bedroom, bathroom, one hall closet, one closet in each "Bedroom."

And it's a designated "loft" so additional storage is anything I've added.

My place is not that big and it's a not-insignificant stack of stuff. I'm going to go insane.

Wait - epiphany....Curses! Going to keep looking.

In the meantime - this is how I'm feeling. A Lot lately. All Hail the Genius Chuck Palahniuk (pared with equal geniuses David Fincher, Ed Norton, and Brad Pitt. Word.)

Friday, June 20, 2008

Less than a month away from 30

and I got carded buying champagne splits yesterday. Word.

And now I'm making chocolate chip cookies.

My thought for the day (week)

Do Stupid People Know they're Stupid?

People are particularly stupid this week. I blame the full moon.

Late night at the DMA tonight. I anticipate mass amounts of stupidity. I'll take pictures.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


So Polaroid sucked it out and discontinued their greatness. (See here I've blogged about it before.) In the new Maxim, they point us towards this fancy new technology, wherein Polaroid has developed an ink-free printer with fancy magic paper that works using the telepathy already inside all of your cell phones. Clearly I'm still skeptical. But at a cool $99, I might be willing to try it out...I said *might.* The thing about digital pictures is that they're infinitely editable. The great thing about old-school polaroids is that they're not. It would be fun at parties. Funny photo booth and then you can still have the images on your camera to jack around with later.

Alright, I'm sold. It's going on my birthday wish list. Woot!

There was something else I was going to blog about. I was all philosophizing earlier today but it was a long day and people are particularly stupid lately so I've forgotten it.

New season of Weeds started, though. I want to be Mary Louise Parker when I grow up. For now I'll settle for her wardrobe...Time to shop!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Diet is now Justified

According to Food Guru Extraordinaire (with support from wikipedia) milkshakes used to be served as "health" drink and malt (as in chocolate malted, or malt balls) was manufactured as a dietary supplement for infants.

I'm watching Feasting On Asphalt (and reading In Defense of Food) in case you're curious.

I love food.

ps - I'm also making blackberry turnovers with blackberries that Steve picked up from the farmers market. I dumped them in a pot with some water, some simple syrup, and some honey and let it reduce. I'm going to strain the juices through cheesecloth to make Popsicles for my sister post-tonsil-removal and use the berries in the turnovers. I love food.

pps - I'm not crazy enough to make my own pastry dough. Pepperidge farm does it for me.

Monday, June 9, 2008

I'd Like to Offer Moral Support but I have Questionable Morals (Again)

So my site meter allows me to see phrases that are googled to find my site. This one (the title of my blog) comes up more and more frequently lately.

I'm going to give credit where credit is due:

Go HERE for some of the best ecards on the net. Seriously.

Have a nice night :-)

oh PS - I imagine that this is what Bertram Wooster looks like...well maybe Jeeves since Bertie is young and Jeeves is so wise. It's apropos, as well.

Embrita Update

Link at right.

I did a couple of 'round-the-house projects and thought I'd share them. But since they fall under "design" they go there.


Saturday, June 7, 2008

This is how you celebrate a birthday

Or at the very least, how you start the celebration.

At The Cure Concert. Word. Images here. Crappy video here, here, and here. Last night. It was greatness. I have no words. Robert Smith looks exactly the same. Sounds fantastic. Can't wait for the new album to drop this fall.

It was a great birthday gift from my husband. Stellar Tipping of the Hat to the Venerated Age of Thirty even taking into consideration the following: 1) It's fully a month before my birthday. (When Robert Smith says "June 6th, Dallas" you say "What time?" and not "Want to wait a month and a day and then it'll be on my birthday?" Ok, maybe if you're his wife/mother/bff/child you can. But not me. We just bought tickets.) and B) I was sober. All night. Other people drank more than enough than their share and mine. Including, but not limited to: crazy topless guy who danced as though he were having some some kind of 60s Golden Gate Park acid trip flashback combined with a need to "Be A Tree" and perhaps an epileptic fit. Also: chick in turquoise who was ushered out by security when she started pole dancing on the safety railing. Not Even Kidding. We were only in the beginning of the second encore, too. I thought there might have been a 3rd "This rocked even though" but no. It would have been cooler if we'd had more friends, but sometimes you gotta date your spouse. And we did. Mexican food at some joint in Victory and then concert. OH - there was a 3rd: I had to be up at 6:30 this morning to get to work at Cooper. And not just that, but to also feed my boss's 13 cats. Wait...15. He's since adopted two more strays. 15 cats. This is what it looks like when I walk on his porch:

only with many more cats.

In other news, I downloaded some pinhole camera templates and I'm going to be figuring that out. I love the look you get from a pinhole image. I'll give it a shot and get back to you. If you'd like to join me - either as fellow photographer or subject, let me know. I love a good guinea pig.

In yet other news: started working out again. Yoga monday tuesday, a sad weight workout wed (I have exercise ADD and weights make me crazy bored) climbed thursday. Danced like crazy (Cardio, anyone) Friday and then Saturday morning Abs With Toddlers. One of these weekends I'll get Morgan to take pictures so that I can show you. It's greatness. Even when not cleared for straight-up working out, a bit of this on a saturday a.m. and my abs are still in vaguely decent shape. Now that I'm greenlighted, however...I have a goal. It ends with washboard. :-D

And that's all the news that fit to print today.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Good weekend, yo. Watched some BSG Friday night (season three, no spoilers, please!) and then lazed about Saturday afternoon.

Saturday night is when the fun kicks in though: Lloyd's Birthday. There was barbecue, smug military men, beer (want to be a cheap date? Don't drink for nine months. Trust me. Emily had her buzz on halfway through beer one.), a guitar and a drum set. Oh, and ultimate fighting. Not amongst the guests, but on the tube. All in all, a fun little shindig. Steve is actually dressed down - cargo shorts, t-shirt, flip flops...and I'm in a denim mini and a tank top and flip flops. We were really cute. (there's a reason I just told you that...continue reading) At some point in the night the camera started taking Blue pictures. Not sure what was up with that. But check it out:

Yes, I was playing the drums. No I've never had lessons. I think I rocked. Steve says that he wishes he had taken video instead of stills (camera does both) so that I could hear how much rocking I wasn't actually doing. Silly little man. I'm clearly a Rock Goddess...just look at the photographic proof.

Anyway, we leave at eleven and head down Ross towards home and in the car I get the Best Idea Ever: see if my Boss is at Sunset Lounge (which the firm designed and I've never been to at night). So I call and he is and we u-turn and head to the bar. Because Boss is who he is, we skip the valet and skip the waiting line and head right in. As we go in, I hear a Trendy Chick at the front of the line whine that we're getting in "dressed like that." Bouncer shut her down with: "They designed the bar." Word.

Steve, once we get inside, is mortified that he's walking around a room full of moderately well-dressed Trendy People and he's dressed the worst he dresses EVER. You know Steve. You know this is true. By the end of the (otherwise fabulous) night he's vowed to overdress for everything from now until he dies. And then be overdressed for his funeral. (I think this means White Tie because funerals are a dress-up event anyway....) We go home and sleep.

Sunday morning we wake up and start getting ready for brunch (yummy, fun) and Steve comes out all dressed: slacks, loafers, white french-cuff shirt complete with cuff-links. Ok - the French cuff isn't that unusual when you open his closet and see how many of those he owns. But this was brunch. The only reason he wasn't wearing a jacket is because I was in jeans and a tube top.

Brunch was fun. I'm glad it's brunch season again. I <3 it.

We left brunch and went to a ballet recital. Steve suffered through, but at least he was sitting between Craig and I -- officially the snarky end of the row. And the little kids were pretty funny. So it didn't suck as much as it could have. Although, and here's my dance-snob coming out: our kids will be in a studio if they want to dance. The girls, talented and dedicated as they are, have little dance knowledge outside of what their teacher knows...which is true for anything, but since their recitals are always Disney movies when you say things like "Swan Lake" or "The Red Shoes" or "Bob Fosse" to them they have no idea. And I'm all about broad exposure. Culturally, at least.

I did get some good shots. Considering that they're dancing on a high school auditorium stage with high school kids doing their lighting and there were a million parents taking flash photos and I was using my PHD without its flash and sitting in the 4th row (30ft or so away from the stage)....ok. Considering that, I got some gems. Behold: (Bubble on left leading the babies)

And this is my humor today. Not Work Appropriate but damn funny: