Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Diet is now Justified

According to Food Guru Extraordinaire (with support from wikipedia) milkshakes used to be served as "health" drink and malt (as in chocolate malted, or malt balls) was manufactured as a dietary supplement for infants.

I'm watching Feasting On Asphalt (and reading In Defense of Food) in case you're curious.

I love food.

ps - I'm also making blackberry turnovers with blackberries that Steve picked up from the farmers market. I dumped them in a pot with some water, some simple syrup, and some honey and let it reduce. I'm going to strain the juices through cheesecloth to make Popsicles for my sister post-tonsil-removal and use the berries in the turnovers. I love food.

pps - I'm not crazy enough to make my own pastry dough. Pepperidge farm does it for me.

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