Friday, June 27, 2008

I have out-clevered myself

So it should be known that anytime anyone (real or fictional) makes a comment about having too much stuff or being disorganized or overwhelmed or whatever, I feel the need to pare down, organize, and take control.

In the process I cleverly stashed a stack of photos - cds, prints, mini-album and all - and now I can't find them. Let me paint you a picture. We have roughly 1200 square feet: living area/dining/kitchen, office, bedroom, bathroom, one hall closet, one closet in each "Bedroom."

And it's a designated "loft" so additional storage is anything I've added.

My place is not that big and it's a not-insignificant stack of stuff. I'm going to go insane.

Wait - epiphany....Curses! Going to keep looking.

In the meantime - this is how I'm feeling. A Lot lately. All Hail the Genius Chuck Palahniuk (pared with equal geniuses David Fincher, Ed Norton, and Brad Pitt. Word.)

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