Sunday, December 7, 2008

Hot Chocolate!

Went to a party Friday night for the 75th anniversary of the repeal of Prohibition..or the "Nobel Experiment" as some haughty-taughty people called it. It was at the Sister's house and it was a rollicking good time. There are lots of photos, but I'm just going to share this one:

That's right. Brother-in-Law made a speakeasy door. You even had to know a password to get in and pass a breathalizer to get out. They were certainly on top of it.

Then I was roused waaay too early on Saturday by loud people arriving a good 2 hours early for the Christmas parade. So I made myself some hot chocolate and in between scanning and archiving old family photos (note: if you decide to take on this project, have your head examined first. It's too late for me - now that I've started I MUST finish...but you, there's still hope for you) I watched the parade.

There were of course a zillion marching bands all playing Christmas carols, which I shamelessly sang along to. Loud. (Perk of Husband being across the country: I can sing as loud as I like. I do anyway when he's here, but I always feel a little guilty for putting his ears in danger like that.)

And there are photos - through my dirty window from a block away with my "crappy" camera.

I get a definite Stay-Puft vibe off of this guy.

I'm not sure what these guys were doing. They're in Edwardian dress riding those early was cool.

This is the view down Main Street looking West. I have a friend in the first building to the left and Neimans is just beyond that. There's yummy restaurants down there. All of which I will miss.

What's a Christmas Parade without some Storm Trooper action?

This float is the Hot Chocolate float - they're all dressed like the waiters on Polar Express and that song was playing on a loop. It, of course, got stuck in my head.

A My Little Pony. Having a resurgence in popularity. If only I still had mine!

Rudolph, coming in for a landing. In the new pool...maybe he's thirsty?

And the Big Guy himself. I almost missed him because I got distracted by needing to watch Polar Express to get that song out of my head. It didn't work, btw.

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Krys said...

I am pretty sure my mom has my My Little Ponies packed away. Then again, she sold and/or gave away a LOT of my childhood toys while keeping Steve's, do I'm not positive (ex: sold my She-Ra castle, but kept Steve's talking Castle Greyskull, sold my Dark Crystal metal lunchbox, but kept every last Lego set of Steve's. but I'm not bitter. hooohno.) *ahem* moving on.

What's with the storm troopers? They even show up at the Renaissance Festival sometimes.