Friday, September 26, 2008

Brought to You by the Color Yellow.

There's a debate tonight. In a few hours the two Presidential Candidates will take the stage and convince us that one of them is fit to untangle the mess that the current administration has gotten us into.

And I know that it's early for me to be telling you to Vote, but I am.

Does it matter to me who you vote for? Not really. I have my opinions, but for the sake of this post, I'm going to suspend them. Just make sure that you register, you PAY ATTENTION, you research both candidates regarding the issues that matter the most to you, and you show up and vote. It's the first Tuesday in November.

Where can you register, you ask? Here, at Rock The Vote. And here, at the League of Women Voters. (I'm not sure about the former, but the latter is a non-partisan organization dedicated to allowing you (and they're not biased, you can be a man) to make the most informed vote possible. Rock on, Sista Suffragette.)

Where do some research?

Well, there are so many many places, but the most logical place is to start at the candidates sites:


And then you can go to what I've found to be the best non-partisan resource: Fact Check. This is great. These guys take all of the ads, speeches, etc from all candidates/camps and say "Yes, this is correct" or "no, this is incorrect and here's why..." It's fabulous.

For the funny, I like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. What I like about Jon Stewart is that they're a "day late" news program so they have time to gather up news clips and whatnot from previous years and play them with the current clips. What I like about Stephen Colbert is that he's more conservative than I am and he calls the audience "Nation." Also both shows are streamed free - but not ad free - on the above links. It makes me laugh over breakfast.

If you want to skip their non-political bits, then go straight here: to Indecision 2008 and watch clips. For example (chose this one because it has the distinction of being "most viewed.")

Ah..and why yellow, you ask? Because lately I'm feeling rather like people should be responsible for themselves.

Posters courtesy of Get Out The Vote 08

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