Sunday, September 7, 2008

Random Sunday Stuff

1st: a warning. Persimmons = the Devil's Fruit. Oh they're tasty. They make good cookies. But, to put it in someone else's words...well, just go here. It's not a pleasant subject.

Moving on. Steve had his 10-year reunion last night. Evidence that I was off my game: no pictures. There were people he didn't remember, people he did remember, some pregnant chicks, and one girl that I'm not entirely unconvinced wasn't hired to pose as the wife of a guy who may, or may not, have had something to prove.

We had houseguests who over-loved the kitties and with whom we had an enjoyable morning.

Oh - after the previous post I had some requests (the comment from SIL and some messages from others) regarding what my camera is.

It is the Awesome. Trust me. Pools, Lakes, sprinklers. I hand it to small children on a regular basis without a worry. When I upgrade, it'll be the same one with a higher resolution. I <3 olympus.

Segueying from cameras to Photoshop...there's a movement afoot to get magazines to stop photoshopping so much. In case you've never seen what photoshop can do, this vid from Dove will open your eyes:

And finally...because I love to leave you with of my favorite songs by one of my favorite bands set used with scenes from one of my favorite shows by one of my favorite writers.

You Sound Like Louis Burdett, performed by The Whitlams...with Firefly (by Joss Whedon)


Emily said...

Um...Louis Burdett is not work appropriate. and the edit function kept jacking with my html so I'm posting this as a comment. Woot.

Krys said...

I think that the strange fruit that Heath had in Taiwan was actually persimmon - now that you've posted about it.