Friday, May 16, 2008

I thought of some things to talk about

1) I take a LOT of pictures. I come by this honestly, though. In a bid to fill my afternoon, and inspired by a friend who - upon looking through *actual prints* of some of the wedding photos I took at Celeste and Vinny's - said "Wow, I miss real pictures" - I decided to fill a previously un-filled scrapbook with pictures. It's mostly 2007, but I have a feeling that there will be a 2006, a 2008, etc etc. I also know that there will be a high school one in the works. I have boxes and boxes of pictures. And the list of images that need printing because they happened on the digital camera only is 4 post-its long. And that's cutting out some events because I'm not sure if I want to bother with them. In one of these boxes, I have copious copies of a few pictures. That is - there aren't that many different images, but there seem to be at least 4 copies of almost all of them. It's insanity.

2) Steve has gotten me listening to Marketplace Money. I podcast it and listen in the car on the ipod. It's the height of nerdity. I'm quite sure of it. But after I'm all healed and Steve has recovered from being my nurse, we're going to get our act together and make a home-inventory -video of all our crap. For insurance purposes. If you need other stuff, this is the marketplace and this is the home inventory they recommend.

And now dinner is ready. Happy Friday!

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