Monday, May 26, 2008

I <3 Hermes.

I've been saying forever that when I sell my first book, I'm going to buy a Kelly/Birkin Bag. I go back and forth - the Kelly is smaller, which I prefer when shopping/dining, etc. But the Birkin is less formal, and I'm certainly not a formal girl. I know I want a pre-owned one, though, and this one is stunning. I know what you're thinking if you followed that link: $16k for a purse?!?!? Anyone who's spent any time with me has heard the speech before. If not - follow this link for an article that explains it fairly well.

Hermes in general strikes my fancy over and over. It's as though the Design Director knows my tastes and designs to them. They started off making equestrian tools - saddles, bags, etc - which is why so many of their prints have that theme. They're one of the only Luxury firms still family owned (Armani being one of the others) and they've been injected with a thorough shot of whimsy. Emily like.

So, since I've decided that the Publishing houses can bite me, I'm going to take the ad revenue that comes in the from the adsense links I put on the olliexcore site and use that to finance my bag purchasing. I also think I'm going to pick up some pocket squares for Steve for Christmas. I've always been keen on those, and with the Sartorialist's enthusiasm and Steve's wardrobe, it's a must. He's so on his way to becoming a full-on Dandy.

So it's memorial day. And I'm going to IKEA. I think something is broken in my brain. There's really not much else to write. I spent the entire weekend working on this family tree project...ran into a minor mystery that I think might involve the 18th-century version of Witness Protection but other than that I was a complete slug. It was nice. :-D

Happy Memorial Day!

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