Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Only Sober Girl in the Room

That's what I was last night. It was funny. Ok, Steve was sober, too. But one else was. There was dinner at Gloria's in Addison (where people were dressed the way I see people dressed to go out to the higher-end bars/restaurants downtown...and there were a LOT of birthday parties and bachelorette parties...) Of course, we went so that Rick and Elizabeth could have the margaritas, the black bean dip, and quesodillas. (Friday night we were at Sol Irlandes for the margs, the queso, and the fish tacos) Then we headed up to Jim's where there was Mario Kart wii action (which is alright to watch, but probably more fun to play) and GTAIV, and more beer. There was a lot of debauchery and a really loud chick (you know - there are people whose volume does nothing but rise in relation to how much alcohol they've had.)

It was totally funny until said loud chick started waxing poetic about how she needed to get back on her red bull and easy mac diet so she could get "skinny" again (hello - she's in her mid-30s and she's had 3 kids...AND she doesn't work out...what does she expect? She's not fat. She was a respectable - if not enviable- size. She shared, but I won't. Just trust me.) What inspired this rant? Me. In my mini-skirt and black crocheted tights. Apparently, the only way to cure me of being so dang skinny is to get me good and knocked up. I wanted to punch her in the face. Instead, I made some comments about a swollen brain and the recent surgery and the fact that I'm now going to REALLY PUSH IT and do some post-natal yoga as my new workout...but she wouldn't let up until someone pulled her out of the kitchen and the topic changed to other unsavory topics (drunk people are RAUNCHY) and then Rachel saved us all when she - apropos of nothing - said "Emily, did you really wear your little converse with that outfit? That's so cute and eclectic." And because she's Rachel and doesn't have a mean bone in her body, I took it as a compliment.

So then I wake up and there's GOOD NEWS in the world: The Cure (via stereogum) is releasing singles in the months prior to their 13th studio album release: "First single "The Only One" (released May 13th) includes the b-side "NY Trip"; second single "Freakshow" (released June 13th) includes the b-side "All Kinds Of Stuff"; neither b-side will appear on the album. Both tracks were produced by Robert Smith and Keith Uddin. July 13th and August 13th singles will be announced shortly..."

I must own these rare b-sides. I'll have to be on the lookout for their release so I can purchase.

also odd - in this morning's NYTimes there's an article about how saving a species sometimes require's eating it. Check it out. There's even a picture of a fainting goat.

Alright, so I'll leave you with a little funny for your enjoyment. Don't worry, it's totally safe for work...unless you work for Microsoft ;-)

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