Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Great Closet...something

So I know I kept saying "oh, I'm having a whole week off to recover and so I'm going to take advantage and organize my closet..." I'm armed with the April In Style, which has a step-by-step guide to organizing and utilizing what you've got so you can dress every day as though you're being shot by the Sartorialist. And there are worse ways to dress.

(Aside - this is a man, The Sartorialist, who doesn't shoot trends. He doesn't shoot "pretty" or "edgy" or whatever. He shoots well-thought-out, well-executed looks. Everywhere. And if you're not familiar, you should go and peruse. It's inspiring. If only he'd come to Dallas....)

Anyway, the closet organization turned out to be Big Talk and not much else. I seem to spend more time napping and bathing and laying on my side than I anticipated. I blame the vicodin. (And the wound, naturally.)

What I did have to do today is pack. Well, I actually made little piles of clothes because my weekend bag is hanging from a hook in my closet that I cannot reach without acrobatics or a husband, and since acrobatics are strictly off the menu...I wait for Steve to get home from work.

I have 3 outfits put together, main event outfit not included as it's at the cleaners having the hem repaired.

So, outfit one: traveling.

On the left, a converse tank, a skirt from forever21 (see detail on right -- it's what sold me on the skirt. That and it was on sale for something ridiculous), and my blue plaid Chuck Taylors. Day One in the Car. And potentially the rehearsal dinner if we make it in time. Oh crap...must RSVP for that.

Day two, hanging by the pool:

On the left, the top of the bathing suit picked up on our honeymoon, and shorts from Forever 21. On the left, the lovingly dubbed "roller girl" outfit -- top also from forever21 and knee-highs ...from guess where?! I've got some crocs that'll work nicely on the way to/from the pool. Don't worry, my open wound will stay safely dry on the side. I know better than to contaminate public water...

That night, I'll be wearing this dress:

(Picture from my cousin's wedding in may of 06)

And then traveling back on Sunday:

Same tank and shoes from tomorrow, but with capri's picked up on our honeymoon...we'll be stopping at a farm to buy some produce and whatnot and I'm not sure a skirt is the way to go.

So that's a taste of what I'll do with my entire closet. and then I'll print out proofs and tape them to the inside of my closet door. I'm thinking to make it easy I'll group them by activity/day/ "wanting to dress like a slob but have a meeting with potential clients." or "sick of dressing like an eskimo but have to shoot a demo site"... I'll start with summer, since my winter clothes are good and packed away. I won't post all of the pictures, just the ones I'm most proud of.

Apparently you start with your 8 favorite items. Or however many favorite items you have, and then you add staples, accessories, shoes, etc. Maybe this will inspire me to buy a grown-up purse.

It can join my skateboard as my 30th birthday gifts.

Happy Weekend!

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