Wednesday, April 23, 2008

a little blog

ok, so it occurred to me that I never did talk about what Steve and I did for our anniversary...which we clearly celebrated early because yesterday I was not one for celebrating. (Yup, that's right. 2 years. yesterday. Word.)

We went to Charlie Palmer. It was DIVINE. You should go. I could wax poetic about the food, but it will just make me hungry.

Also, had my follow-up today. It looks the way it's supposed to look. Like a bloody, swollen, open wound. (Now you're glad I didn't talk about the food, eh? Because that put you right off it) I still can't drive, but I can travel.

So the 6.5 hour car trip this weekend is still on. And I'm stocking up on film (just call me a luddite) and charging the digi battery and I'll come back with oodles of pictures. I've recently tweaked my approach to weddings and basically, unless Lynn (or Joana, of course) is shooting it, I'm taking my camera because too often I hear complaints from brides about just how failed they were by their photogs. So, since dancing is mostly off the menu and booze is definitely out (which will make this reception the only one I've attended sober...the ones as a child no counting here, obviously) I plan on being the documenter. Also, saturday afternoon will be spent by the pool (I won't get in, people --- bloody open wound!) so that will make for some fun photo ops, as well. is now time to go watch The Greatest Show of Our Time...streaming via pirates.

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