Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sunday, Bloody Sunday...

Ok, so there was no massacre, but I did have a little surgical procedure on Friday and there's still some blood. It's to be expected. There's also Vicodin, though, so it's not all bad. Yes, I'm blogging on Vicodin. Woot! So I'm not cleared to drive and I've got the week off from work, which is nice. Because I'm walking like an old woman with broken legs. It's sexy.

I'm filling my days with Big-V induced naps, and some movies and magazine and a Gilmore Girls marathon. When I grow up I want to move somewhere funky like Stars Hollow. Maybe I can make Dallas funky like Stars Hollow. All we need is a Paris and a Luke and a Kirk. It'll be awesome. Oh, and baths. LOADS of baths. It's nice to have the green light from my Doctor to take as many baths as I want. 20 if I like. Although if you take 20 baths a day then you don't do much else. So it's closer to a half-dozen. And then there's some comatose time spent on the couch. Several hours.

Ok - answers to the inevitable questions:

1) It'll heal when it heals. I can walk so that's a bonus. I'll be cleared to drive after my follow-up, hopefully.

2) It will not impede my ability to reproduce, except that currently sex is off the table. As is booze. Hence 6 baths a day.

3) Gauze. Lots of gauze. I have a gauze wedgie.

4) I sleep alright. It's due mostly to the vicodin so it might not be quality sleep, but there's certainly quantity. :-D

5) Steve is taking care of me. On friday he wouldn't even let me walk my dishes to the sink. He's cooking and holding my elbow (he's got nothing to do with the gauze wedgie...we do have our pride) today while I was in the bath he vaccuumed and made lunch. Yesterday he had a hair appointment and got my mom to come babysit me so he didn't have to reschedule. This morning Kris and I shuffled to CVS while he went cycling. It's so cute and endearing. I'm totally spoiled.

I do have big plans for my recovery days: organizing my closet. I'm using a combination of inspiration from tv shows, movies, and paparazzi to help things along. I'll post some pictures when I'm finished. Word. I'm sure this makes me all kinds of lame, but think of how cute I'll be when all of my outfits are so put-together because I took several vicodin-induced days to organize and shoot my closet. Woot. Also good -- my new Internet-based-Time-Suck. Although it tends to lead me to $600 shoes....sigh.... If anyone can find shoes that are just as fab but not nearly so expensive, I'll make them cookies. Any kind of cookie. That's a promise.

Time for the 4th bath of the day! Sylvia Plath would be jealous (and maybe still alive....)

ps...don't worry I haven't forgotten my "Green Issue." It's going to rock. And be vaguely Ranty.


Jessica said...

I always like a challenge. Whether or not I succeeded is up to you. I'm hoping your drug use will be in my favor, ha.

Shoes 1
Shoes 2
Shoes 3
Shoes 4

Crystal said...

Once you're feeling up to it, we'll go to DMA late night. I've been meaning to go for the past two years. Meanwhile, enjoy the pampering while it lasts!