Monday, April 14, 2008

Crappucino, Anyone?

So there was the coffee on Friday night. It was yummy. I saved the grounds and am going to make myself some Crappucino Brownies. Word. I'm considering carrying around that little bag as a's the perfect size for keys, wallet, sunglasses, phone. :-D For more pictures, please see the googlepage. At any rate, if you're considering dropping a crapload (no pun intended) on coffee and you can be sure that it's Kopi Luwak, then by all means - do it. Just remember that the region only produces 500 lbs during a year when the cats are if the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. But isn't that true with everything?

Alrighty...we're rearranging the office tonight. Again. A few months ago I switched it around so that we have a makeshift partners desk and my back is to the Roland, because I have the mac and the mac has garage see where this is going. Well, Steve managed to send Frankenmac to his recycled laptop heaven and ordered himself a MacPro yesterday. So we're switching sides since his computer is not only his, but will have garage band and much more space than he'll ever fill up on its multiple drives.

He got a mac....what did I get? An ipod and Leopard. (the new OS) Point of interest: if you try and have your Ipod engraved with the phrase "Bad Mother Fucker" so you can channel Samuel L Jackson, apple tells you that it's "inappropriate text." So instead, my shiny new ipod is engraved with the phrase "Butt Faced Miscreant." If you can tell me what it's from (and not because I told you, know who you are) I'll send you baked goods as soon as my bionic parts heal up after this Friday's little procedure.

Funny picture of the day --

That's a pint. Yeah.

Um...this clip is not work appropriate.

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