Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Heaven is a Halfpipe

I climbed today. 30 whole minutes. I think my arms might fall off. It was a good climb, but sad because in my heyday (pre-foot-surgery) I could flash a 5.11 and complete a 5.12 on the second or third go. Today I was falling off of 5.8s. Yeah. Frustrating bit: my technique remains the same. My body remembers what to do. My muscles, though, after 8 months of lying low are laughing at me. It's most disrespectful. At any rate, the jiggling is looking at its last days and I think my arms might fall off. Oh, I already said that. It's worth saying twice. As my very first ever personal trainer said: "You know it's a good workout when it hurts to wash your hair." Amen.

In other news, I've decided...ok, I decided a while ago, that I'm going to embrace one of the trends from when I was twelve. My 30th birthday present to me is going to be a skateboard. It's been 17-18 years since I was on one, but I'm quite sure it's like riding a bike. I won't be tricking off handrails, but I'll be sailing around on nice days. Maybe the kids who live down here will take pity on me and show me some tricks.

My husband bought Cure tickets. The show is early, but I don't care. June 6th, at the AAC. Me and Robert Smith. Insert Happy Dance Here ----> {___________}

And then the weekend of my birthday we'll go camping. I should get on planning that. The weekend AFTER the 4th of July. Just a little jaunt to one of the lakes. Or maybe somewhere we can do some bouldering. I'll do a bit of research. I have time.

Our second Anniversary is coming up. I tease my boss that my marriage has lasted longer than his did. Of course, neither Steve nor I are the kind of Crazy he and his wife were. That counts for a lot. Steve got us reservations at a restaurant down the street called Charlie Palmer. It opened a few months ago in a new hotel and it's been fairly busy. Apparently they took the inspiration for their decor from the fact that Texas is the largest producer/supplier of Wind Power in the country and they've got turbine blades hanging from their ceiling. I'll let you know if it's cool or hokey. It could go either way.

So have you noticed that all of the magazines are having "green issues"? This pisses me off. Every issue should be green. This stuff should be mainstream by now. Of course...it's probably hard for the average person to take seriously -what with Elle and Vanity Fair putting FREAKING MADONNA on their covers... So in honor of that I'm going to make my earth day blog (or as close as I can, since that day is actually our anniversary) my "Green issue." What will be green about it? You'll just have to wait and see. But here's the most obvious: it's online, which saves paper. And if your computer is energy-star rated, even better!

But now my husband is almost home and I haven't even thawed dinner...

To leave you with. Some videos.

I love this song. Because in my heaven, Jesus would be packing my bong (they do say that John the Baptist used Hemp Oil....)

And inspiration... (ok, I couldn't embed it, but just follow the link. You'll be impressed)

And the Cure. Because I can. Note the hair and be glad that the era of the hairband is over...

PS. So glad it's finally warm. I was so over winter.

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