Friday, April 11, 2008

Workin' for the Weekend

This weekend will be fun :-) Drinking some cat-crap coffee tonight (will report back on actual taste.) and then having some Bachelorette Fun tomorrow night. Woot! Also, Rishi's in town. So excited. Hanging out after Cat-crap coffee tonight and maybe a bit tomorrow but definitely Sunday. He's even staying downtown so we can just wander down to his hotel. It's like a total teaser for when he moves here, which I'm counting down the days for. There's like 60 or something.

Ok. So in other news, not only have I managed not to kill my herbs, but the basil is actually FLOWERING. (I've since pinched the flowers, as instructed) Photographic proof:

And in honor of the Stones movie that I'll be seeing Thursday afternoon (will also report back) - my favorite Stones song (maybe because I've always kinda wanted to *be* this chick he's describing....even though I find not a single one of those guys attractive...)

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