Monday, April 21, 2008

Boots, Beer, and Bootlegging

To begin with...I *finally* drew up my boots! The ones I'm going to have made to wear next fall. The ones I've searched in vain for for several years only to find designs that just don't quite cut it. So I'm going to take the sketch to my cobbler after my tooshie heals and since we have until the fall, I'll be able to take my time finding the perfect leather (maybe suede?) and then when it cools off I'll have enviable black boots to go with my enviable brown boots. I've decided that there's no sense in owning shoes people don't compliment, since there are so many many sexxxxy pairs of shoes out there...

so they're essentially these, but with a round toe, an Edwardian heel (my favorite heel, sexy and stable) and no zipper....because I'm masochistic. And maybe in suede. Or shantung. Not patent, though, because that's too close to hooker land even for me. And maybe a colorful sole, a la Louboutin....but Robin's Egg Blue? It is my signature color. Wonder how the cobbler would feel about painting Robin's Egg Blue on the sole of his boots.

On a completely unrelated note, Steve went to the store to pick up food for lunches for the next couple of days and he brought me back a present for when I'm healed and can drink again. Buffalo Butt Beer. That's love.

Final unrelated note: I read an article in February's Popular Photography (the CVS down here is SO behind...) about pirating photographs from the internet. I'm going to stop jacking photos so much, and certainly when I do I'll credit the photographer. Although come to think of it, aside from the Sartorialist, most of what I jack has the "to copy click here" link in it...but with the photos that I'm concerned about people copying I'm going to take some basic measures to protect them. Notice how my boots aren't up there? No need to have people ripping off my design before they're even made!

Alrighty... time to go pass out on the couch some more.


PS - The Greatest Show of Our Time returns to the air tonight! You know you love it.

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