Saturday, November 17, 2007

Stars V. Avalanche...or Gay Chicken, Moby Dick Style

Stars game last night. We were a little late (Steve, J, and I) because traffic held J up. It was all cool, though. One train ride later and we were there in time to witness that the Stars were already up one. We found the Gang and kicked some would-be-usurpers out of our seats.

It would have been a Shut Out if I had kept my big mouth shut, but I jinxed it.

Photos on the googlepage :-)

Afterwards, J, Steve and I wandered down to the Neimans Tree and noticed the Pox on the city. Follow the vaguely naughty link to find out what that's all about.

Leave for Florida tomorrow to visit the family. Can't wait. Looking forward to a nice, relaxing week doing a whole lot of Not Much.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Jessica said...

BEST Blog Title... Ever!!!! Hahahahaaaaa!! :-D