Monday, November 26, 2007

Dusting out my brain a bit

I'm going to climb tomorrow. I've been saying this for months, but I'm going tomorrow. It's been three months since I've done any serious physical activity and the muscles are showing it. It's sad. I'm hoping that it will release those endorphins I'm starting to miss...and I had an encounter with my boss's father (who is quite literally on death's door) that left me feeling a bit "what's the point?" So I'm having a Meaning of Life crisis on top of the waning endorphins. Where' Monty Python when you need him?

Other things to help: picked up a couple of trade-mags to re-start the agent search. What a total PITA. It's not like if I were going to take up modeling again or something: you show up, they think you've got that "Thing" (models aren't really good looking, they've just got that "thing" -- watch Top Model if you're curious) or they don't and you work or you don't. When you've spent years writing a (badass) novel you have to get it to the write selection of people before they'll even put it into their slush pile. And then you've got to have a kickass query letter and synopsis and then you've got to hope that a) they haven't already filled their projections for the year and b) the sample chapters you sent were in the right format and don't suck. Or at least that they show enough promise to get them to want to read more.

And you have to have current info for them.

Anyone know a literary agent? ;-)

I'm also finished compiling the "soundtrack" to the next novel. I use songs the way movies use them - they set my mood while I'm writing and that translates to the prose. In theory. So I need to build my "villian" and some of the secondary characters and then I'll outline it and do the necessary research.

The heroine is pretty well lined out - she's going to be one of the secondary characters from the first book a few years later. The villian will be loosely based on a man - then a boy - who I think about more than I should. Too many things remind me of him and so this will (should) be cathartic. Of course, when I made this decision, I started to wonder how much of his life reminds him of me. And because we all know how much I like spying, yes I googled him. Yes I found him. I have a rough idea of what he's doing with his life and while I'm happy that he's happy - I'm also happy that he's far far away.

Anyway - enough about that.

The other decision I made is that when the Bear is home for Christmas the husband, Tranny, Bear and I - and anyone else who wants in on it - are going to go to the Lizard Lounge. Relive a bit of that 22 year old craziness. Even if I'm still on the wagon....anyone got a glow stick?

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