Monday, November 5, 2007

I've given up on the editing

I have a lot of half-assed photo editing programs. I've demo'd a couple and then there's what came with the computer and camera -- all of them are lacking something key. And very few of them are intuitive and/or easy to use. And one of them likes to save pictures where they can't be retrieved. Iphoto doesn't like you to be able to upload to the web directly from iphoto unless it's being published to your .mac account - so like if you're browing on tinypic you can't pull directly from iphoto. It's the dumbest thing apple has ever done and my only real complaint about their programs. Everything else rocks, but that. I'd also like it if you could shrink the resolution on iphoto. Fix those two things and my photo editing search will be over. Because frankly, I'm not getting paid to put a whole lot of effort into the post-editing, if you know what I mean. My pictures rock from the moment I click the shutter and if I have to do more than a bit of cropping/red eye/retouching then clearly I need to head back to classes.

Anyway - I've gotten the pumpkin patch page updated, finally. Next on the list: NYC and Halloween. yippie!

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