Tuesday, October 2, 2007

What's in a name...

this is hard. I'm having such a hard time naming my novel...and I know what it's all about....hm...so here's some brainstorming:

Scope of Death (which sounds like a B movie now that I say it in my head)
Through the Zoom Lens

Why am I feeling like all the good names are taken? Let's see...photographer, wedding planner, pre-vet student, mysterious death, small town, missing corpses, grave robbery...

Picture Perfect Corpse
Framing the Corpse
A View to a Kill (taken. by James Bond. Told you all the good ones were taken.)
Contact (taken.)

Well...I guess it'll come to me at like 3am or something. This is really holding me up. I feel all stagnate. Perhaps I should go do some laundry.

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