Friday, October 5, 2007

just some stuff that's bouncing around in my head

First off, I seem to be on the cosmic radar lately. I won the lottery and picked up the virus that stole over a month of my life. And then I receive not great news about a mole that was removed -- which sent me on a sunscreen rampage. It's a good excuse to buy hats. Cute ones with floppy brims. :-) And now I'm going to come out and say that Steve and I have been trying to expand our family since March. Don't worry- Emily's not getting a baby for Christmas this year. I've been told to wait - until my body is healed. Until the drugs are out of my system. Until sometime early next year. Who knows when we'll start up again. At least I have a nephew on the way.

I wandered around Northpark yesterday after picking up Christmas cards for the company (do it now while it's on my mind and before all the good ones are gone, right?) and I went in and out of baby stores. Unfortunately, I think my sense of humor would scandalize - or at least not appeal to - my brother and sister in law. I *know* it would scandalize my mother in law.

On a funnier note - we got a card in the mail the other day saying that a 21 year old sex offender had moved into our building. Reading the card we discovered that his crime was compelling prostitution. He got a 7 year sentence and is on probation. Steve and I were very amused at the thought of a pimp living in our building. In my mind I crossed the guy from the Motorcycle Diaries with Austin Powers and then placed him in our building. It's still and amusing mental image. Then we read a little further and saw that his victim was 13. Not Funny Anymore. Then we got a letter from the Powers the Run Our Building saying that he does NOT live in our building - he registered a false address and is now considered a Wanted Felon. Niiiice.

There's more up in my head, but I need to call my optometrist and Steve's Dermatologist and then I need to ice some cookies.

Happy Weekend!


heather said...

Holy Crap love! Wow... many thoughts and prayers with you... but I love that your so sadistic and tragically comedic... let me know if there's anything I can do... right now I'm out to get the bounty for that felon.... duh duh dun!!!!!

Krys said...

I don't think you know us very well. I hope at least one of my sick friends gets us a onsie from Baby T-Shirt Hell:

heheheh. I personally like "I ate my twin."