Saturday, October 20, 2007

Gettin' things accomplished :-)

I updated the googlepage a bit. With the park pictures. I can't tell you how glad I'll be when the construction is finished that it happened so quickly because they worked 24/7...literally. But right now I'm wishing they'd take a day off for goodness sake.

So follow the link if you're interested:

I haven't uploaded the pumpkin patch pictures yet because I downloaded an editing program called Pixelmator and I'm learning how to use it. So once those photos are tweaked to my satisfaction they'll go up. In the meantime I'm enjoying all the little gadgets it comes with.

I did reference a song on the construction page: Secret Meeting by the National. I tried to find a decent video to embed so you could enjoy it if you've never heard it, but the sound was atrocious. So....moving on.

I was talking with a friend of mine about why I read so many Young Adult Books (I'm currently reading the second novel in the Private series by Kate Brian: Invitation Only) and Murder Mystery/ Suspense Novels. I'll occasionally pick up Chick Lit, but only if it has nothing to do with her trials and tribulations as she tries to find love. I think it's because I burned out after so many Bridget Jones clones. The murder mysteries and suspense novels I like for obvious reasons: I'm completely morbid, I like puzzles, and there are little-to-no vapid, simpering beauties convinced that they're going to get the hot guy only to end up hooking up with the guy they'd always considered a friend in the end. :-D The young adult books I like because they, too, are so infrequently about romance. Yes there are relationships, and yes they are often intense because at 16 (or 14 or 18) it is always true love and the are always complicated. Nobody in the books I read is wondering if they can get pregnant, pay the bills, find a job, etc. All of the mundane things that plague adult life are gone and replaced with sneaking out after curfew, taking over the world, thwarting an evil master plan....they have more possibility. They aren't chained to reality or a pre-ordained notion of what Adult Fantasy should look like.

My next, next novel will be a young adult novel. (My next novel involves skateboards and pyrotechnics...I'm still researching it.) I've already got the characters.

Speaking of novels...Where, you ask, is the progress on my recently completed and revised novel? I'm paralized at Query Letter. What they ask for: Title, Genre, Word Count, Brief Description of Story, Brief biography of me. Um...Title: Putting The Damage On (working title, there might be copyright issues with Ms Amos), Genre: Mystery/Suspense, Word Count: 33,769 (which is shy of what they consider but I'm sure with the re-writes that are still forthcoming I'll push over the top). It's the brief descriptions that are stopping me. I'm going to work on it on the plane to/from New York next week. In between reading Deluxe: How Luxury Lost its Luster - non fiction. The graphic on the front is a McDonalds Combo Meal wrapped in Prada logos. It's considered a must read for anyone in fashion, finance, marketing, or luxury industries. I consider it educational.

And now it's 11 am on a saturday morning. Laundry is in process, website updated. Blog updated. Next on my list is mopping or organizing my closet to pull out my Fall But Not Winter Clothes....neither one is appealing. Hm. There must be something I can do...

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Krys said...

how much space to you get with a googlepages account? I can't seem to find that anywhere on their site...