Thursday, October 18, 2007

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I just got back from Neimans. I wandered down to pick up a little gift for a cousin who's expecting a baby girl (out of the four pregnant women I know, two are having girls and two are having boys -- but one of those women is having twin boys so they're in the majority) and to pick up a cami to wear under my wrap dress so that I stay decent at dinner.

It's their 100th anniversary and they've got exhibits all over the store. And not just fashion - although the first floor seems dedicated to that. Up on the children's level (floor 1.5) they have a furniture exhibit, including a badass lego chair and a carved wood table - the wood carvings are tadpole to frog and *very* cool. Words fail me. Floor 3 has a shadow art exhibit - mangled wires reveal turns outlines of recognizable shapes when the spotlight hits them. Floor 4 has bedazzled walls - something I'm going to employ in the next child's room I get to do. Floor 5 has a Jetsons exhibit.

I'd forgotten that they lived in the 21st century. In houses up in the clouds with flying cars and robot companions. I'd like a robot companion. The exhibit is cool - clips of the cartoon are showing and there are plexi boxes with "Jetsons, then and now" displays. Example: robot floor cleaner = roomba. Worth a look if you're in the neighborhood before November 3rd.

And if you are in the neighborhood you should call me. Unless it's next weekend, because then I'll be in New York.

The night before the Christmas Parade (Dec 1 at 10 am) the twins and bubble are coming to spend the night like they did last year. Unlike last year they're staying until Sunday morning. We felt rushed last year so this year we're going to kick back and take it a little slower. I have a feeling I'll be renting High School Musical 2.

Speaking of - High School Musical On Ice is coming to AAC at the end of march. The twins turn 13 in March. Guess what I'll be doing that last sunday? Freezing my ass off watching high school kids be melodramatic. Whoopie!

There was something else I wanted to document, but I can't remember what it is...I'm sure it'll come to me...eventually...

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