Monday, October 8, 2007

Le Weekend...

Updated the googlepage with pics from Bubble's birthday party - click the link at left, follow the party pics!

That was Saturday night. It was fun. I feel like the twins are getting older and I'm staying the same age. Sister says that's because we're beginning to have more in common. I think it's because they're destined to be the Cool Kids and I'm destined to be perpetually 17 in my mind. I'm ok with that.

Sunday was a baby shower. For the Big Taquita. It was fun. Nice to see my friends that I didn't get to see while I was sick. It's amazing how much happens in a month. It's nice to be on my feet again.

Anyway - I mostly just wanted to let you know I updated the page with some photos. This Saturday coming up I'm taking Bubble and The Twins pumpkin picking. There will be lots of photos there :-)

Happy Monday!

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