Thursday, March 5, 2009

A-hiking we will go...


So we did.

Saturday morning, we took advantage of the break in the rain, got in the car, followed some not-very-accurate directions, and wound up here. In the middle of the (not giant) redwoods. We picked what we thought would be a moderately easy trail, but somehow ended up with 30 degree incline for most of it. My legs are still tired.

But it was very pretty:

Our house is somewhere in the haze between where I was standing on the far mountain. I have no idea where, though.

And I got Video of a Salamander:

In other news, we joined a climbing gym out here: Planet Granite. It was great. The Sunnyvale location is like the mecca of indoor climbing...and yoga. And as a bonus, we also got our REI dividend in the mail....and I'm going to use that as a segue to talk about how much I don't like hiking shorts. They're just not flattering. I get that they serve a purpose and they're comfortable and yada yada yada...but ever since the foot surgery a million years ago I've been partial to skirts over shorts. I blame the almost 6 months of being in some form of cast. Luckily, the active-wear designers out there heard my opinion and have made...the hiking skort.

And there are many many styles. So this (along with some yoga tops and maybe some capris) will be what my dividend dollars go to. And as soon as it gets warm (stupid rain keeps every day hovering in the 50s) we'll be out and about every weekend. Yay!


♥ ♥ ♥ said...

LOVE the video! And the commentary... :)

Meli said...

I'm jealous! It looked like fun! Just got the "No, you can't hike or camp, it's too close!" speech from Brad.

Emily said...

Boo, Brad!