Monday, March 23, 2009

One Phone Call

and I'm all veklempt.

I just got off the phone with the scheduler for the lawyers. Our consultation is next Wednesday (April Fool's day) at 9am.


We are getting a package (complete with DVD) in the mail in the next few business days. We review and make up a list of any questions we have. Then we meet with the consultant to go over those questions and find out what the fees will be...let's just say that the next time someone says "it's going to cost your first born child" you can equate that to a new Prius. Or a new Mercedes.

The irony is that our insurance will cover infertility treatments. If I manage to get knocked up, it would cover the maternity care - 100%. We have INSANELY good insurance. But there is no financial help for those of us who chose not to undergo hormone therapy and adopt a child instead. we go through that. And then we put together our family album for the birth mothers to look at. Because they chose us. Not the other way around. People with stage fright need not apply.

We have decided that a semi-open (we'll determine if you can actually decide this later, but for now it works) adoption is the way we're going to go. Because it won't ever be a secret that our children did not spring from our loins. Or our foreheads. So Christmas, birthdays, other major life events will warrant photos and letters. Maybe not as open as my cousin, but then that is a unique situation.

I had to email them a first photo so that they could stick it in the file. This is harder to do than you would imagine. Think about your you have one where both you and your spouse/partner are looking at the camera, smiling, not wearing some goofy costume/waving around a drink? And where you don't look like sociopaths? Right. One. Maybe two.

Our winner:
Taken in September of 07. Word.

So that's where we're at. I have that high dive feeling again.

OH. And. Once we are deemed "worthy" and we have the funds (read: have sold vital organs) the average match time is FOUR MONTHS. Four Months. Four. Four.

I need a drink.


Adam & Monika said...

Good photo of you two!

Emily said...


Meli said...

Yes, good photo! You both look like good, responsible adults! I'm so excited for you guys. Keep us posted (as I'm sure you will)!