Sunday, March 22, 2009

Stuffy Stuff Stuff

I took this with my phone. We're at Planet Granite, which is awesome. I love climbing and I love that Steve is starting to climb with me. I'm also inspired to make this weird part of our backyard into a climbing wall.

This weird part:
First there will be lots and lots of cleaning, obviously. It's neglected back there.

Tuesday my friend Jessica is coming out to visit for a week. We're going to go in the city and bum around for a day and then hike another day and there's talk of going to a winery...should be good times.

On a completely jumping-the-gun note, I've started to plan out our nursery. We haven't even met with the counselor yet, but I've already rearranged the house in my mind to make room for a baby. The things you think about while you're folding laundry...

Oh, and also - there are photos up on the artist rising site for purchase as posters. I add more every few days as I edit and they get approved, so check back from time to time. And pimp me out.

So there's that. And in honor of a lazy Sunday afternoon, I think I'm going to take a nap.

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Adam & Monika said...

I took a nap too! Although, mine was fueled by Vicodin. :P

I'm looking forward to your creative nursery ideas!!!!