Thursday, January 31, 2008

Daytime TV

So for the past week I've been in the burbs playing mommy to the same 3 young girls with whom I spend a lot of my girly time. Their parents are in Mexico. Well, are about to be on a plane on their way back from Mexico. It's been fun. Homework, movies, dinosaurs (at the Heard Museum in McKinney)...


Lots of homework. I'd forgotten how much time homework takes up....oh wait, no I didn't. I just did my homework during my other classes. Yeah. I was that girl. Today one of the twins is home with something unpleasant. She's laying on a large pink bean bag watching the Price is Right. Forget that we've got two giant-screened imacs with sidereel at her disposal. She could be watch Syndey White right now. But now, she's watching Drew Carey and some guy in faded jeans and a black t-shirt talk about 100 calorie popcorn packs. I may never understand 12 year olds.

In other news, I've ditched the second novel that I was toying around with. I couldn't get the plot straight in my head and I think I was trying too hard with it. So I've shelved that concept for now and moved on. As soon as I jumped the shark (can you jump the shark before you've even written an outline?) it all started to flow nicely. I've created a little group of main characters who are (not surprisingly) 15 and 16. Because I'm perpetually 15. I've got a plot and the beginnings of the information that makes these characters 3d. It's amazing what a little change of perspective makes. Yay me!

I've also decided that I like this shirt. I might even buy one, since I live in fear of the big SC. Not the one with Posh, though, because she skeeves me out.

Alright, time to administer OJ. And Advil.

Happy Day!

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Ooh! Dita!!! Yummy!