Thursday, January 3, 2008

Resolutions. And Clothes.

Ok, so in an effort to spend less crazily (this feels like the same new year’s resolution I make every year...spend more thoughtfully....of course, I feel like I am making fewer impulse purchases so something must be working) I’m going to do a full-on closet inventory and then purchase the basics I’m missing. You know, round things out a bit. This only sounds easy. You have to take into account the fact that it took me two years to find a pair of brown boots that I like. Love. Adore. Wear all the time. It’s like a hunt for me. Not looking for the bargain, really. What I’m looking for is a pair of boots that will make even the bums outside the library sit up and take notice. (This pair did exactly that, by the way)

I’ve stolen a list from a blog I just discovered (yay google!) - if you want the exact link it’s this:

and the list is this: (in () are my comments)


1) A well-fitting bra and well-fitting underwear (duh - this should include slips and shapers)
2) A fitted black jacket
3) A basic white button down
4) A great pair of jeans (or 3 if you have my job.)
5) A tailored pair of slightly wide-leg black trousers (or more - gray, brown, and navy should be on this list as well)
6) A cashmere cardigan
7) High quality black, navy, white and brown turtlenecks (MUST BUY)
8) A little black dress (or 2 or 3....what was it Madame Coco said...?)
9) A silk camisole in a pretty jewel tone
10) A black pencil skirt
11) A trench coat (I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to take myself seriously in a trench coat...)
12) Hanes plain white tees (I actually prefer Mossimo from Target. They’re soft and not see through. The $5 Ts at Forever 21 are also nice to have in many colors)
13) Ballet flats
14) Classic pumps
15) Classic tall boots (brown and black - need black)
16) A great handbag
17) A peacoat
18) Belt (a few of these - sometimes a funky belt is all it takes to keep an all-black outfit on the chic side of funeral chic.)

Great extras:

1) A classic watch
2) Pearl necklace
3) Diamond studs
4) A gold chain (Silver if you don’t wear gold)
5) A vintage rock and roll t-shirt (fake vintage works, too. Hello, Target)
6) A trapeze/swing jacket
7) Oversized Jackie O sunglasses (Not necessarily in black. Mine are cream)
8) A classic tote bag
9) A gorgeous cocktail dress
10) A leopard print coat (less seriously than a trench coat. I couldn’t even be ironic in this)
11) Jeweled cuff
12) A beautiful clutch
13) A v-neck sweater
14) A black and white striped t-shirt (what...for convict-chic?)
15) Wrap dress (YES)
16) Neutral pumps or slingbacks
17) A pashmina
18) A sequin tunic (this is so fall of 07 - can we move on already?)
19) Leggings (NO. NO. NO. If you are old enough to have worn the trend the first time around...)

So my list is fairly short. And in two more years, it’ll be complete. Yippie!

What are my other resolutions, you ask? Surely it can't just be the same one year after year, can it...? No, it's not. In addition to making the wardrobe make sense there is:

1) Floss. Regularly and as directed.
2) Regain my pre-brain-swell workout routine (this coincides nicely with being off the pills. I'm not able to downward dog just yet, but perhaps in another week or so....)
3) Be more organized in general - cooking, grocery shopping, general storage. I've been in enough houses by now to know how easily it all gets away from you. I've actually got a client who doesn't know what's in half of her closets, up in her attic, in her garage, in storage...she just keeps collecting stuff and then not remember what she's got. And it's not because she's old and forgetful. It's because she's got tons of stuff. I don't know how many times she's wanted to see the inventory list from the storage facility and I've handed it to her and all it says - apart from furniture pieces - is "1 box, packed by client. 12x12x2" with varying numbers and sizes. She has no idea what's in those boxes and they're unlabeled. She's paid well over a grand in the past year to store all of her shit. If that's not a cautionary tale, I don't know what is.

Anyway, I should start dinner. Something with fish. And maybe pasta....?


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