Monday, December 3, 2007

Withdrawal Sets In...

On Saturday I officially stepped down my dosage of the anti-seizure medication that is regulating the headache caused by the brain-swell. So far, not so bad. I did take an hour and a half nap instead of working out, though. But, man, do I feel rested. It was pretty sucky before I gave in with the nap.

My cats have reached new levels of genius/irritation. They've actually started peeling bark off the trunk of the tree and are now batting it around. Sheesh.

I've started building up the secondary characters for my next novel. And I've got some current contacts for agents for the first one. So that's good. I get all tense when I think about actually sending it out. The first couple of queries I launched don't count because I didn't have current info and then when I dug a little further, those agents are no longer working. At least not in fiction. Of course then I remind myself that I write because I can't not write (as evidenced by my immediate need to start researching the next one before the ink was dry on the second revision of the last one...) Writing is a way of life and if I happen to make money from it, then that's an added bonus. I do, after all, have a day job to keep me in sunglasses.

I did collect a nice little story at lunch today, and since I've found my commonplace book (lost for about a year...sad :-( ) I wrote it down. It will go in there somewhere. It pertains to wooden indians and made me chuckle. The first part of the book has descriptions of customers from when I worked at Counter Culture for a month and a half. You can tell I was reading Palahniuk at the time. And a bit of Graham Joyce, too , I believe. The Facts of Life -- given all of my blurbs about blitzing.

Here's a good one: "It's barely lunch and she's already drunk. She's let her poorly-dyed red-wine hair frizz around her head. She decided purple glitter eye and lip make-up would compliment her too-small purple lame dress. She spent our time together talking nonsense and laughing too loudly while she clumped around in too-big white heeled sandals."

Obviously the grammar needs a bit of work, but for something written surreptitiously between customers, I don't think it's that awful. And also I remember exactly what she looked like and I remember the sound of her laugh - braying like a donkey. You get all kinds in Deep Ellum.

ok -- I'm sure there's something else that needs doing, since I slept the afternoon away....

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