Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Baking and Martinique

So this afternoon I'm going to do some baking. M&M Chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin muffins, and whatever else strikes my fancy. Might even try that peppermint bark again. :-)

This week has been crazy but it looks like it might be lightening up. Demanding clients are in Florida, miraculously actually leaving rather than canceling their trip to stand over the subcontractors like they did last time. (That was hellacious.) And I've just purchased the last of my Christmas gifts. Insert WOOT and imaginary glass of celebratory Emily Cocktail (champagne, pomegranate juice, cosmo mix, seeds for garnish) here. :-D

The Alaskan cruise has been put on hold - primarily because it costs more than we want to spend. Alternatively, a villa in Martinique in July (the off-season due to hurricanes) is going to be much less expensive. Especially when split with 6-7 other people. It'll be a 30th birthday on the beach :-D I'm considering chartering a yacht for a day so we can go wild-sea-life watching. Want to come? All you need is a passport, airfare, and whatever your share of the rent is. There's a full kitchen so I figure we'll let the men do some grilling and the women do some whipping up and go out a couple of nights, but it's better than spending tons of money on overpriced mediocre hotel food. And after my many hotel and hospital stays....let's just say I'm burned out on cafeteria food :-D

That's all I've got for now, so I'm going to go throw in Elf and make some cookies! Happy Day!

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sferguson98 said...


I would suggest June for Martinique, because July is during the Vacance Scolaire. That's school vacation. July prices are cheaper than high season but still higher that May, June, Sept and Oct.

Also rental cars are cheaper and easier to get.

Trust me I've been there many times and the last time was last October. Oh, I love Martinique.


P.S. Less chance of hurricanes in June, season officially starts the last part of June.