Sunday, December 23, 2007

Baked Kitties

Every now and again we give our kitties catnip. It's a special-occasion drug pulled out when neither Steve nor myself feel like laser-pointing and ribbon-bouncing or ping-pong throwing. We've got a little pouch and some loose weed and we dribble the loose on their scratching post and toss the pouch on the floor and they go to town. Think Lions on a fallen Gazelle. If weed bled our floors would be saturated. They tumble over each other to get the best bit and then after several minutes they wander away to fall into a stoned coma. That's where they are now.

Ever notice that people who don't have kids talk about their pets as if they are children. Not in the "my baby got an A" way but in the "here's a funny anecdote about my dog/cat/parakeet/komodo dragon" way. It's amusing and something almost everyone can relate to. Because unlike children, if you don't have a pet of your own you know someone who does and they're completely whacked about it. Case in point: my parents inherited robokitty (Steve's name for Patience the grey cat) from a friend who met a guy on the internet and moved to England to marry him. It was supposed to be for a few months and turned into several years. The cat passed away at my parents house of plain-old-age (and she was up there - pushing the two-decade mark) and then the cats owner, who called on a regular basis to catch up with my parents and talk to the cat , asks for the ashes of the cat. At one point there was even discussion of saving the DNA so she could clone robokitty and have her favorite cat again. This was a serious conversation. You can't make this up.

I'm going to make m&m chocolate chip cookies today, as soon as we go to the store and pick up eggs. These, plus the pumpkin muffins, will be my dessert contribution to the Mexican-themed Christmas Eve Dinner at the in-laws. I'd rather make sopapillas, but those don't travel well and using the in-laws kitchen is something I'm loathe to do.

Sister-in-law posted a blog on her myspace bemoaning her hair. We've all been there. That's another situation everyone can relate to. I've got a wild-hair to do something different and drastic and yet I don't want to hate it next week because I went and did something rash. I have the solution - a cute style worn by Julia Stiles a few years ago. It's on the cover of the Aug 2002 Elle. How do I remember this? Because not only did I convince my sister to chop about a foot off of my hair not long after that, but I still have the magazine. That spread makes me want to chop my hair again. I'll settle by vicariously chopping it via SIL. ;-)

I'm feeling rambly and chatty this morning (clearly) but we've got present to deliver and I MUST do something about my nails. Oh, and there are cookies to bake. And now that I think about it, I like that I'm too busy to write an in-depth blog. And it's all fun-busy today.

PS - next year I'm sending out a letter in our Christmas cards next year. And I think we'll expand so that everyone gets a photo card rather than just immediate family. We'll pick a less-formal picture for next year, too. Something everyone will enjoy....... ;-)

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