Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Just Call Me Sleeping Beauty...or Einstein.

Last night I crash at 8. It's 8:20 now and I'm thinking that bed looks appealing. And not for anything other than sleeping, so get your mind out of the gutter. What time do I wake up? Anywhere between 7 and 7:30...on a good day. Yup, you did that math right. 11 hours. ELEVEN HOURS. Am I 3? I take comfort in two things: 1) it's the drugs and I'm only on them for three more weeks. 2) Einstein needed 12 hours of sleep a night. And he did great things. Maybe I'm resting up for greatness.

I have Jury Duty in the morning. To completely change the subject. I'm soooo looking forward to it. I've got magazines and a book for the waiting time. I'll take my pathetic excuse for an outline and work on it a bit there. Or probably I'll leave the outline and just take a blank pad so I can get the bare timeline down. The first step (after the creation of the main characters) is a very thin plotline. Then the timeline, then the outline, then the writing and multiple revisions. Then greatness. In theory. I have a thin plot -- this one is a "novel of suspense" rather than a "mystery" so there's not really the threat of Spoiling it. Here's how it ends: they get together or they don't. He lives or he dies. She lives or she dies. His wife forgives him or leaves him or dies. I could pull a Tarantino/Shakespearean tragedy and have them all die. That would be awesome.

Speaking of tragedies -- I watched the first four episodes of Entourage and quickly removed the rest of the dvds from my queue. I usually don't dislike things as much as I disliked this. It was so highly recommended and hottie boyfriend from Devil Wears Prada is in it....but I liked exactly one character and had little sympathy for 2. The 4th (hottie boyfriend) I could have grown to like but it wasn't worth watching to find out. Whoever called this Sex and The City for men has clearly never watched Sex and The City. Yes - 4 single women/4 single men. Yes there are parties and booty calls and fashion....but Entourage has something Sex and the City lacks: morons. Morons as main characters. Who started this trend of men being morons -- men in Role Model positions being morons? Why have we lowered the bar? Why is only 1 in 4 men a viable option? Maybe my standards are just too high.....(insert smugness: if, in reality, 1 in 4 IS the option, then 3 of my friends are going to be very sad......)

Ah, in case you're wondering - the baby shower went fabulously. Sister in Law is stocked for BW and everyone got to see her and ooh and aah over her belly. I took 96 decent photos, which will get narrowed down and put up on the google page. Eventually. I'll let you know when that happens.

Dude. 8:31. The End.

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