Thursday, August 14, 2008

News That Made My Morning

I mentioned in this blog that polaroid is discontinuing their instant cameras...I found out this morning that the end of that sentence should be AS WE KNOW THEM. (and I feel fine....)

Why do we change that sentence? Because this morning I read on Apartment Therapy (a daily read for me) that they're simply updating the technology. Says AT:

"The good news is that Polaroid has not closed up shop for good, at least not yet. The R&D-heads at Polaroid are working on a new camera that will feature an integrated Bluetooth printer.

Of the few details that the blogosphere has gotten is that the new camera will be a ‘professional and business’ model with an integrated printer capable of printing photos up to 4" x 3" in size, the same size as the famous polaroid snaps themselves. This will definitely feel like an old friend.

Polaroid is also asking Amateur Photographer readers to help design the camera. A survey on the site allows readers to specify attributes like pixel count, print quality and the battery’s print capacity, with prizes for the best suggestions.

The new cameras are due out in 2009."

(they got the story via ubergizmo)

In the meantime (since we all know I'm getting one the minute they're released) you can feed your nostalgia by going here and perusing all of the polaroid offerings on hand.

And just for the fun of it - here are some Polaroids that I've scanned lately:

My grandfather in 1938

My grandmother and her mother...not sure of the year.

My mom (bottom right as you look at it) with her parents and siblings - 1970.

Me and Kris having a tea party...I'm probably 3 here. (81)

Me and Kris again. I'm probably 4 here. I do know that I had the distinct um...honor...of wearing both of those dresses. My father's mother made them. I'm say that I don't know where they are. So should I have a daughter, she'll just have to look at the photo of us in the ghastly chicken dresses she'll never have to wear.

From there I moved to 110 and then 35mm and now I've added digital (and potentially pinhole if I can nut-up enough to actually do it...and find 110 film...)

So there you go. News that made my morning.

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