Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It's OK to Nap with a Pretty Piece of Flesh...

And I would nap. Except that I've got tomatoes bubbling on the stove waiting to be canned. So I can't actually nap. Because then they would burn and that would be bad. So I'm slowly working on the office organize/redecorating...which I'm blogging more about on the Design Blog since it seems to make more sense there.

In other news - my Gossip Girl Season One DVDs arrived in the mail today. So Excited. I'll be watching that while I'm Not Napping. Although I must say that since every time I look at Nate I see HIS DAD my enjoyment of him as nothing more than a pretty piece of flesh is somewhat diminished. Ok. A LOT diminished. I spent the entirety of season 1 not able to figure out why he looks familiar and then I was visiting with his dad and saw a family portrait and it all made sense. Cue: shudder.

Of course now that I've made the connection (been hit in the face with it, really) the next time I see him I'm going to have to control myself so I don't ask all of those embarrassing questions that the 17 year old in me would ask. You get a numbered list so I can purge them. (Or remember them, whichever way you want to look at it)

1) Do you watch the show every week? Do you tivo it so you can discuss it with him later?

2) Is it weird to watch him roll around and be practically r-rated? Do you watch those scenes?

3) Will you get him to autograph my already signed-by-the-author copy of the last Gossip Girl book? The one where they all wrap up high school and move on with their lives. Not the prequel, which was lame.

I might refer to him as Man-Bangs. Just for kicks.


I'm going to leave you with two clips..the first in which Nate is topless. A Lot

the second: a Pretty Piece of Flesh Video. The song is from the Romeo and Juliet Soundtrack and is by One Inch Punch. No official video, though, so I went with a fan-made one featuring Spike...Here you go:

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