Thursday, August 28, 2008

America. And Wine.

Ahhh....America. I'm not the most patriotic person. Blame my father. I don't Love America purely by virtue of having been born here. Well....that's not the right way to put that, because I do, in fact, Love America. I cry during the Star Spangled Banner. Well, I particularly cry at this line:

"Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there."

You could even narrow it down to still there. I Love what America stands for - resilience, ingenuity, perseverance. We walked away from situations that were simply unacceptable all around the world. We formed a country and kept at bay everyone who would take that away from us. When we were wandering astray, our own citizens brought us back and work every day to make life here better. America has ushered in the modern world. Trust me.

And while I might not agree with everything we do....well, Steve and I fight sometimes, too, and I still love him. So I'll probably give America another shot...after all, if I made it through the last 8 years with Still-President Bush, I can survive anything, right? Although, I hear Vancouver is nice...

So what inspired this particularly insipid blog? Wine. You read that right. Wine. In this month's Domino is an article on wine. The adventuress went to a school to become a wine "expert" in 2 days. I know enough to know that's a load of hooey, but she did come away with enough meaningful information to make ordering wine at dinner not suck. And because I love wine, and I feel that everyone should have at least enough knowledge to say confidently whether they do or don't like it...I'm sharing the table from the article. And encouraging everyone to go buy a bottle of something you've never had before just to see what you think.

On Sunday, Steve and I went to the movies. We saw Bottle Shock, which is based on a True Story. It was LOVELY. It made us both want to have a wine tasting. Maybe we will....after I get the leaves for the dining table built. :-D

Watch this trailer, and not the other. The other gives away Too Much.

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