Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I love me a good project

Ok, first off, I was trolling through archives of The Sartorialist over lunch and I came across the perfect location for my tatoo:

It won't be stars, of course. But I like that back there. I know it's there and unless I wear my hair up, you might not know it. Now I just need a design....and someone to hold my hand ;-)

So, bragging a bit. After focusing on the kitchen for this condo that we're renovating and spending a morning at IKEA last week I found myself dissatisfied with the state of our kitchen. In case you've never been here, this is what it looked like before:

Pay no attention to the stacks of samples and random crap piled around. It's how I live. I'm convinced that one day all of those little piles will burst into flames and then I won't have to deal with them. Perhaps I should get a fire extinguisher in anticipation...

Anyway, what is missing is another worktop and some space in that back corner. So, while I watched Panic Room (David Fincher, LOVE HIM) I pushed the furniture around. The end result:

I took the cedar chest and shoved it under the window into the corner with one of Steve's favorite giant pillows. Hello, window seat/reading spot. That chest has spent time under the window already but it got moved for Christmas. That's not the final home of that clock, but I'm not sure where I want it to live permanently. The top that's on top of the white chest is the top to Steve's old coffee table, legs lost in a move. It was replaced with the swag square table in the third picture. Glad I could re-purpose it, since it's been collecting dust bunnies under the couch for close to a year.

I still have a bit of re-organizing to do, but for the most part I'm happy with the result. Wonder what Steve will think when he gets home...

On a side note, I've named my business (tax-laws require me to have a DBA...) and set up an email/blog for it: It's nothing yet, but it over the next few weeks I'll upload some of the showers that I've hosted/styled and edited photos from the kitchen re-arrange and various other little projects. Might as well make use of the name, right?

I'll leave you with the video for the song I've had stuck in my head all day...just to share the misery ;-) (I'd also like to point out the rolled sleeves on his white Choose Life t-shirt...and the feathered hair. I think I sported both of those looks at one point...)

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